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Corn+Soybean Digest


Single Disk Air Drill

The Case IH SDX40 single disk no-till air drill delivers precise seed placement and depth control. Seeding depth adjustments are made easily and safely from either the front or back of the machine without any tools. Adjustments can be made in as little as quarter-inch increments. Down pressure adjusts from 250 to 510 lbs/opener.
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Seed, Fertilizer Tube Monitor

A blockage monitor for seed or fertilizer tubes comes from Micro-Trak Systems, Eagle Lake, MN. The Whirlwind system sensor can be mounted over tubes without cutting or splicing. Installation is easy because of the sensor design and single cable main harness. Up to 256 seed or fertilizer tubes can be monitored at one time.
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Weather Monitor

The Weather Tracker from Spectrum Technologies, Plainfield, IL, monitors air temperature and calculates degree-days and chill hours — without using a PC.

Using a 9V battery, the unit's LCD screen displays current conditions. It also recalls the last 30 days of high/low temperatures and daily values, and the last 12 months of historical weather data. Depending on the model, other parameters, such as rainfall, soil temperature and moisture, are measured.
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Soil Insecticide, Herbicide Help

Empower, a new granular pyre-throid corn soil insecticide from Helena Chemical, Collierville, TN, gives corn growers broad-spectrum, in-furrow insect control. Labeled soil pests include corn rootworm larvae, wireworms, white grubs, seed corn maggots and seed corn beetles.

Helena also introduces its AccuQuest WM deposition agent and liquid ammonium sulfate replacement to help improve post-applied herbicide performance.
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