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Grégiore-Besson Canada has introduced its new Discotill C hybrid stubble disk cultivator, combining the best working elements of a traditional tandem disk harrow with those of an independent disk stubble harrow.

The Discotill C is a shallow tillage tool (1¼ to 6 in.) ideal for seedbed preparation and fall primary tillage. It works in a wide range of soils and crop residue conditions.

The cultivator features alternated notched/plain disks on the front gangs. With a half-X mounting pattern and adjustable work angle, good penetration is possible in compacted soils. The back of the machine has pair-mounted independent notched disks that have a flat profile to minimize soil projections. The rear disks are protected from impacts with Roll'Choc rubber absorbers. Discotill C is also available with adjustable finishing attachments.
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Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces the industry's first all-in-one wire welder/generator, the Renegade 180.

Operable using the built-in generator or 230V single-phase wall power, the 180 eliminates the need for a welding generator for in the field and a traditional MIG welder for the shop. It's capable of welding mild steel from 24 gauge to 5/16 in. and produces 5,000 watts peak power for running power tools, etc.

The Renegade 180 comes standard with a 12-ft. welding gun, and an optional Spoolmate 3050 spool gun and extension allow the gun to reach up to 45 ft. Available in either recoil or electric start, the welder can be configured for MIG or FCAW.

Included with the 180 is a 1-lb. spool of flux-cored wire. Other features on the Renegade 180 are a calibrated tension knob, polarity changeover terminals and the ability to use 4- or 8-in. wire spools. There are also a variety of accessories, including a gas cylinder mounting kit, lifting eye and receptacle kits.

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Hobart Brothers now offers the Hobart 418, a stick electrode that provides excellent arc starts and restarts, produces a virtually spatter-free arc and creates a flat weld bead with a fine rippled finished appearance. The Hobart 418 also features an easily removable slag that in many cases is self-peeling.
When properly used, the Hobart 418 electrode has excellent penetration and a weld puddle that washes into the sidewalls with no undercutting. It can also weld smoothly on moderately dirty or rusty materials.

Working well in high-heat/humidity conditions, the electrode also provides high-impact properties at temperatures as low as -50° F., allowing for AWS E7018-1 designation.

Hobart offers the Hobart 418 electrode in 10- and 50-lb. hermetically sealed cans and 5- and 10-lb. plastic resealable containers.

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An educational DVD, No-Till Seeding Explained, is available from Exapta Solutions. Showing the discrete actions necessary for highly effective seed placement in no-till conditions, the DVD includes detailed narrative and visuals to guide a viewer through everything from off-season overhaul and important upgrades to discussions of seed germination requirements, seedling growth habits, as well as pop-up and side-band fertilizer placement.

There is also footage of excavating seeds in furrows of both planters and drills, along with a discussion of what proper seed placement looks like. The DVD also compares the importance of uniform emergence times vs. uniform seed spacing.

Helping evaluate new products, the DVD also comes with printed step-by-step guidelines for adjusting planters and drills in the field. Price is $65.

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