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Corn+Soybean Digest



Case IH is integrating the root zone banding expertise of DMI into its new lineup of fertilizer placement implements. This new lineup features tools that precisely deliver nutrients to where they are needed most, whether a producer operates in strip-till, preplant or sidedress fertilizer application systems.

The new Case IH NTX5310 strip-till system uses 24-in. coulters to slice through tough residue and eliminate plugging and bunching. High-clearance shanks deliver the holding power needed to operate in tough soil conditions, while the strip-till knife tills and raises the soil into a berm. Finally, the berm build'r attachment blades and berm condition'r baskets shape the berm into the ideal height and shape for an optimum seedbed.

The NPX5300 is available in a variety of row spacing widths and single and double-fold sizes, as well as a mounted configuration.

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CORN MUG introduces a line of environmentally friendly coffee mugs made from corn plastic. The coffee mugs are produced from 100% biodegradable corn plastic.

CornMugs are available in three styles — the Corn Koffee Keg, the Corn Kegger and the Corn Commuter, which fits in most vehicle cup holders. The mugs are customizable with 16 color choices. They are microwave safe and come with a yellow sticker that reads, “Made from 100% U.S. Corn Plastic.”

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The new Redball Model 580 high-clearance trailer sprayer is the latest addition to the company's Value Line sprayer series.

The standard configuration on the Model 580 includes a 1,600-gal. tank with a long, sloping deep sump, a 60-, 66-, 80-, 88- or 90-ft. front-folding center-pivot boom, patented rubber torsion (Henschen) boom suspension and 72- to 120-in. adjustable 10-bolt axles with 380(14.9)/90R46 rubber tires.

The Model 580 sprayer is designed to maximize maneuverability with a hitch-to-axle-center length of just over 16 ft. Productivity is enhanced with 2-in. full-port plumbing, which reduces fill times and increases flow rates. The sprayer features a 11/2-in. regulating valve and 11/2-in. plumbing to the Banjo ball valves, which are located on the boom center section for quicker response time. A Raven 450 speed-compensating controller is standard.

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New Select Series Reduced Inner Profile (RIP) gauge wheel tires and gauge wheel assemblies are now available on the John Deere MaxEmerge and John Deere ProSeries XP row units. The Select Series RIP gauge wheel tire reduces sidewall compaction in heavy, wet and no-till conditions.

The Select Series RIP gauge wheel tires and gauge wheel assembly are sold separately only through John Deere parts and service dealers. John Deere MaxEmerge XP and ProSeries XP can be fitted with RIP gauge wheel assemblies, while a gauge wheel tire is offered for ME, ME 2 and ME Plus row units.

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