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Corn+Soybean Digest



New from Great Plains is the DF4010HD no-till drill. The 40-ft. no-till, seed and fertilizer combination features heavy-duty construction and six 18×22.5 tires for maximum flotation and reduced compaction.

The DF4010HD is equipped with 10HD openers, which features 15-in., 4-mm offset opener blades, a cast blade separator and ClearShot seed tube for precise placement. Also standard is a 3.2-bu./ft. seed box with standard 60% seed/40% fertilizer split. Optional are seed boxes with a 68/32 split, 55/45 split or 100% seed configurations. Other options include 7½- or 10-in. row spacing; fluted, wavy or Turbo counters; and choice of center-rib, double-V or wedge-style press wheels.

A floating tongue, end-to-end box flex and parallel opener arms assure planting accuracy, and the entire unit folds up to 14 ft. 11½ in. for travel.

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Raven Industries announces a new AccuBoom remote control add-on, allowing the user to turn each boom section on and off from outside the cab.

The new remote section control is an extended option for AccuBoom section control systems and saves time, energy and chemicals. Ensuring optimum spray coverage and performance, the new remote eliminates the need for a second person on the ground or in the cab.

The package includes the remote, batteries, holster to mount in the cab and an instruction sheet.

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The WaterScout is a new soil moisture tester available from Spectrum Technologies. It measures soil moisture with little to no disturbance to the root zone, and the thin, tapered shape allows for easy insertion into the soil. Use the available hand-held reader to take fast, accurate spot readings or bury the sensor to track soil moisture changes over time with a WatchDog data-logging weather station.

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Trimble has added new platform kits to its Autopilot system, allowing farmers more freedom and an affordable option to outfit existing equipment with technology. This brings compatibility to more than 18 brands and 450 models.

The Autopilot system connects directly to the vehicle's power-steering system. Using the in-cab display, farmers can select from straight, curve, pivot and headland field patterns and view the system operating on-screen. The Trimble T3 terrain compensation technology allows the autopilot system to operate on slopes and rough terrain. Inertial measurement technology corrects for roll, pitch and yaw.

Trimble's EZ-Steer 500 assisted-steering system offers convenience and flexibility of steering-wheel mounted automated steering, and is compatible with more than 26 vehicle brands.

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