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Claas Omaha LLC introduces the new Lexion 500 Series combines. Available in rotary or straw walker configurations, as well as tracked or wheeled models, the new 500 series includes an accelerated preseparation system (APS) that delivers crop to the main threshing cycle at a constant speed, angle and thickness.

All models have a wire concave with on-the-fly concave control and a new overload protection system. The RotoPlus Rotary Separation system consists of a multi-crop paddle rotor with rippled grates to handle all field conditions.

Direct from the factory is the new MaxFlex cutting system on the 40-ft. flex head and a 16-row corn head for 30-in row spacing (available next year). Flex heads are also available on 25-ft. and 30 ft. models with 6-, 8- and 12-row head models.

Unloading rates of up to 3.3 bu./sec. are available along with a 26-ft. unload auger.

The 590R class 9 is available next year. The 585R, 580R, 575R, 570R, 560R and 560 walker are offered now.

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McCormick International USA has added a new series of utility tractors called C-Max to their lineup. Its target is price-conscious acreage and small farm owners. The C-Max series features five models ranging from 59 to 99 engine hp (52-88 pto) that use the latest generation of 3- and 4-cylinder Perkins 1100 series engines. The new tractors offer three different transmission options and feature a dry-clutch synchronized shuttle.

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John Deere introduces the newest GreenStar component, StarFire iTC. The integrated Terrain Compensation (iTC) is a navigational aid that enhances the vehicle course heading in relationship to the GPS signal. Dual-frequency GPS technology and terrain-compensation functionality improve accuracy over rough and rolling terrain.

StarFire iTC also outputs a radar pulse signal, allowing operators to use the StarFire iTC in place of current add-on radars for use with third-party rate controllers.

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Polaris introduces three new utility vehicles: the Ranger 6×6, Ranger 4×4 and Ranger TM.

The Ranger 6×6 offers a 1,750-lb. payload, 15 cu. ft. of cargo volume, 1,750-lb. towing capacity, 2-in. receiver hitch and top speed of 41 mph.

The Ranger 4×4 offers a 1,500-lb. payload, 13 cu. ft. of cargo volume, 1,500-lb. towing capacity, 2-in. receiver hitch, 41 mph speed and 27-in. water crossing depth.

The Ranger TM is a 2-wheel-drive vehicle with a payload of 1,250 lbs., 13-cu.-ft. cargo volume and top speed of 25 mph.

All offer new SpeedKey, a radio frequency identification technology that allows setting of maximum vehicle speed. For example, a black key allows unrestricted vehicle speed while a yellow key restricts speed to 25 mph.

In addition, the vehicles feature Lock & Ride, a new proprietary technology that provides consumers an easy way to attach Polaris-specific accessories.

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