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John Deere introduces a full lineup of new utility tractors, mostly designed for the smaller hobby farmer segment. However, at the upper end of this new introduction are the new 6D series tractors with engine horsepower ratings of 100-140.

The model 6100D offers 100 hp, replacing model 6403. The model 6115D offers 115 hp, replacing model 6603. Two new entrants to this category are models 6130D at 130 hp and 6140D at 140 hp.

The three highest-horsepower models are powered by the 4.5L PowerTech E diesel engine with high-pressure common rail (HPCR) injection system, says Don Warner, product marketing manager at John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works.

The 6100D features a fuel-efficient 100-hp PowerTech engine with rotary fuel injection pump.

According to Alejandro Galindo, product manager, the all-new 9F/9R electro-hydraulic Powr Reverser is standard equipment. It's designed so once the operator sets the range and gear, a handy left-hand reverser lever is used to move the tractor forward or reverse without clutching.

After some behind-the-wheel time, it's easy to see why this feature will be a hit, especially if you're doing a lot of loader work.

Front visibility has been increased by relocating the exhaust pipe. Also, rear visibility is improved by repositioning the hydraulic selective control valves (SCVs).

Other features include a telescope/tilt steering wheel and an optional two-function mechanical joystick. Plus, a new wet-clutch design ensures long life. The hydraulic flow on the 6D series has been increased up to 46%, depending on the model, Galindo points out.

The 6D series is available in two-wheel drive or mechanical front-wheel drive.

IN ADDITION, a new 5D, 5E, 5E Limited and 5M series of utility tractors are new in John Deere's lineup this year. Horsepower ranges include 45-75 hp for the 5D and 5E, 83-101 hp for the 5E Limited and 65-105 hp for the 5M series.

The fuel-saving economy PTO is available on the 5E series which allows the engine to operate at a lower-rated speed compared to the standard 540 PTO. This feature provides up to 28% fuel savings while reducing engine noise and emissions. For more information, visit

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Combat-proven by the U.S. military, the John Deere M-Gator A1 is now available for the consumer market.

It's equipped with an 854-cc Yanmar diesel engine, dual radiators and a 1,650-lb. payload capacity. Standard features include a keyless ignition, front-mount tubular steel rack with 250-lb. carrying capacity, heavy-duty cargo tie-downs and dual batteries.

Originally launched in 2007, see more at

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