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Process feed in the field as you harvest

Make your forage work harder for your dairy and beef herds with a harvester that cracks corn kernels while harvesting. Dion Machineries just introduced its line of 1224 Forage Harvesters with a kernel processor option.

Dion says research shows processed corn silage increases milk production between 2 to 3 lbs./day. Other research shows increased production of up to 6 lbs./day. Rate of gain for a beef herd can also increase with processed corn kernels.The Canadian manufacturer claims its kernel processor will turn silage into more fiber and energy for your dairy cows and beef cattle. The processor cracks the corn kernels, allowing the cow to utilize more of the kernel instead of passing it through in manure.

The forage harvester moves the cut corn silage between rollers to crack kernels and cobs. Due to the processing, less corn grain is found in the manure. Cows also eat more cobs, leaving few in the manger.

The unit is available with a two-row head in 28- to 36-in. row widths, and it is 87 in. wide overall. A three-row attachment comes as 30-in. rows and is 98 in. wide overall. Both use a sickle cutting system. A three-row corn silage harvester with processor attachment and metal detector retails for about $43,000.

A windrow attachment also is available for the harvester. The attach-ment is 104 in. wide with an effective pickup width of 84 in. It features four pickup bars with 26 tines/bar.

The harvester comes as a 150- to 250-hp model with a maximum volume capacity of 26,094 cu. ft./hr. at 3/8-in. cut, or a 90- to 150-hp model with a capacity of 21,501 cu. ft./hr.

For more information, contact Dion Machineries, Dept. FIN, 420 Cote Sud, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada J7E 4H5, 800/661-3466.

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