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Video Demo: New Climate FieldView Drive and Script Creator

The video above offers you a look at the new features introduced during Commodity Classic, read on for more in-depth details on the program.

Climate Corporation, a division of Monsanto, has added two new products to its Climate FieldView digital data platform that lets you view and manage your farm data from an iPad.

The two new tools are FIeldView Drive, which logs machine data, and Script Creator, which is variable- rate prescription writing software.

Both tools, part of  Climate FieldView, are designed to help you collect data and crunch the numbers with the end goal of making more informed management decisions.

“Wouldn’t it be great to bring together on your iPad every data layer from every machine that crosses your field?,” says Doug Sauder, Climate Corporation’s senior product director, who spoke at the product launch event last week during the Commodity Classic tradeshow. “These new tools are helping to make that a reality.”

FieldView Drive.

FieldView Drive is a wireless device that, when plugged into your tractor or combine’s diagnostic port,  logs machine data and transfers it to the Climate FieldView account, where it can be mapped and viewed on an iPad in the cab using FieldView Plus software.

That data can include information about the machine such as location, speed, and RPMs, and information about the field operation such as planter seeding rates, hybrid planted, and crop yields.

Sauder says farmers have had access to much of this data before but not in a way that puts all of it together on the same digital platform in a way that makes sense for the user.

“The end result is that farmers have the ability to see on an iPad all of the key data layers that are in their fields,” Sauder says. “For example, I can have my yield map on the right and my hybrid map on the left and I can see how a hybrid performed in different areas of a field.”

Script Creator.

Another new tool for 2016 is called Script Creator, which is software that lets you create variable rate seeding prescriptions based on the field information you’ve collected.

“So, for example, I could look at a soil map and see that there was strong correlation in how a certain soil type impacted yield on a field,” Sauder says. “The software lets you circle those zones and prescribe hybrids and seeding rates that perform best in those soil types, and then send those prescriptions to the planter.”

Sauder demonstrated the products in the Climate Corporation booth at the Commodity Classic trade show, where the products got a lot of attention. He says being able to view geo-referenced field information in real time from an iPad in the cab just wasn’t possible before.

“The big idea here is that when you have a simple tool that lets you visualize data, you can understand what is happening in your field and to use that knowledge in decision making.

Tested on the farm.

Ken Dalenberg, a corn and soybean farmer from east central Illinois, was involved in the testing of Climate FIeldView and its newest features. Dalenberg says it has given him a means to manage the agronomic data that he had accumulated over the last 20 years.

“The issue is that we have a lot of data from different sources, and now we have the ability, with FIeldView Drive , to send data from a lot of different sources and also import data into our Climate FieldView account. We need that one data reservoir to hold everything we do.”

Dalenberg says the simplicity in collecting the information is a selling point. “The iPad, iPhone and now telematics with FieldView Drive are some of the greatest advancements we’ve seen in farming the last few years, the reason being they make things so simple. You plug in the drive, and it will do the job for you. It transfers all of the information collected on the machine to the iPad, and then to the cloud.”

Dalenberg also uses other products from Climate Corporation, such as FieldView Pro’s Nitrogen Advisor, a nitrogen modeling program, and Field Health Advisor, a satellite imaging service.

“To me the greatest use is Nitrogen Advisor,” he says. “The reason is that nitrogen is one of the highest cost inputs we put on field.  It is very important we get the right rate and also be environmentally responsible. Now, with the algorithms in the software and the ability to input different scenarios, we have the ability to analyze our agronomic decisions.”

Expanded services coming.

So far the FieldView Drive works only on planters and combines. Future generations will be able to work with other field equipment including sprayers. Also, other data transfer functions are currently under development with planned deployment later this season.

The new FieldView Drive and Script Creator are part of the FieldView Plus and FieldView Pro packages. FieldView Plus offers wireless data transfer with FieldView Drive and field mapping for $499. FieldView Pro, a premium package, also includes Nitrogen Advisor, Field Health Advisor and Script Creator.

For more information contact your local Climate dealer or visit

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