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FinOvation 2009

  1. SmartStax

    Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences collaborated to produce a new eight-trait stack of genes in a hybrid that they expect to bring to the market in 2010. This behemoth of a trait package, called SmartStax, includes Monsanto's YieldGard technology and Dow AgroSciences' Herculex technology. The innovation and cooperation between the two companies mark a new chapter in biotech trait licensing that should produce a wealth of new trait packages.

    SmartStax carries a wallop. It includes Herculex I and Herculex RW technology; YieldGard VT Rootworm/Roundup Ready 2 and YieldGard VT PRO technologies; and Roundup Ready 2 and Liberty Link tolerance. The well-rounded package of SmartStax may also help growers reduce their refuge requirements.

  2. Site Pro Dispatch, Farm Sync

    One of the biggest challenges of computer-driven precision agriculture technologies, such as variable-rate applications and on-the-go yield monitoring, is transferring data between office PCs and computers in machine cabs. Farm Sync and Site Pro Dispatch, two field management software packages from Farm Works, have simplified this task by allowing files to be transferred directly from the field to the PC. Both software packages allow data transfer with various wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi and cellular communications networks.

    Site Pro Dispatch software sells for $2,000 (or $1,000 to current Site Pro owners). Farm Sync sells for $250. Contact Farm Works at 800/225-2848, visit or, or circle 102.

  3. Instinct

    The rise in nitrogen costs has many readers interested in the new nitrogen stabilizer called Instinct from Dow AgroSciences. The new product is designed for use with urea ammonium nitrate and manure applications. It is an encapsulated product, which stabilizes nitrogen in the soil to make it less susceptible to loss due to denitrification and leaching. For more information, contact Dow AgroSciences at

  4. 20/20 SeedSense

    Precision Planting's new 20/20 SeedSense planter monitor provides complete information about planting as it happens. SeedSense lets the operator see on-the-go population, singulation, skips and multiples. It gives speed by the row, down pressure and ground contact, in addition to other information. As a result, a grower can see a problem as it happens and fix it in the field.

    The SeedSense consists of a display, processor, row-unit module and downforce sensor. The base unit sells for $5,400. Contact Precision Planting at 309/925-5050, visit or, or circle 103.

  5. Versatile 400

    Interest in large 4-wd tractors spurred Buhler to introduce new Versatile tractors in the 300- to 400-hp range. The new models are available in 305, 340, 375 and 400 hp. They offer more fuel capacity, a longer wheelbase, and bigger cooling packages than previous Buhler models had. The standard transmission is a mechanical quadshift that includes four synchronized sequential gears in each of three ranges. A 12 × 2 powershift transmission also is available. The new 400 model retails for $200,000. Contact Buhler Versatile at 888/524-1003, visit or, or circle 104.

  6. John Deere 7030

    John Deere filled out its new line of mid-spec tractors last year with new higher-power models — the 7030 Premium and 7030 Mid-Spec tractors. They range from 100 to 140 PTO hp and are loaded with new features that include a glass hatch roof for increased visibility, a higher transport speed of 25 mph, and cab suspension on the premium model. The models are equipped with the PowerTech E engine, which is Tier 3 compliant. Prices range from $81,145 to $106,113 for the 7030 Premium tractors. Contact your local John Deere dealer, visit or, or circle 105.

  7. Bobcat

    Bobcat now offers a new line of compact tractors. The new CT tractor line is built to Bobcat's specifications by the manufacturer Daedong from South Korea. The CT tractor models feature 20 to 30 hp, 4-wd, hydrostatic transmissions, steel hoods and fenders, an integrated joystick, a deluxe 3-pt. hitch, and rollover protective structures. The tractors work with Bobcat implements.

    The tractors range in price from about $11,500 to $15,600. Contact Bobcat Company at 701/241-8700, visit or, or circle 106.

  8. Custom Chassis

    Many readers expressed interest in a powerful new vehicle that can be a truck, tractor or service vehicle. The Power Platform by Custom Chassis handles a variety of jobs — from pulling a tillage implement to cutting hay with a mower-conditioner attached to either or both the front and rear 3-pt. hitch. A turbocharged 260-hp Cummins diesel engine powers the vehicle up to 32 mph. An optional gearing package increases that speed to 45 mph. The Power Platform features front steer, crab steer and coordinated steer to match operating conditions.

    Price of the Power Platform is $205,000 to $265,000, depending on options. Contact Custom Chassis at 440/647-6401, visit or, or circle 107.

  9. Smart Nozzle

    Sprayer control technology has moved beyond control by sections to control by the nozzle. Smart Nozzle from Harrison Ag Technologies uses low-power electric solenoids to turn nozzles on and off. The solenoids are attached to individual nozzles and are controlled electronically by CANbus and aluminum-encased computer modules located at each solenoid.

    A stand-alone Smart Nozzle system retails for $13,900. Contact Harrison Ag at 605/845-2433, visit or, or circle 108.

  10. Massey Ferguson 5435-5480 series

    One of the most viewed videos on FIN TV last year was our video about Massey Ferguson's new 5400 tractor series. The new series includes eight models — from the 5435 with 60 PTO hp, to the 5480 with 115 PTO hp. The tractors are equipped with either a Perkins or SisuDiesel engine and a choice of two transmissions: the Dyna-4 power shuttle or the mechanical Speedshift. The company designed the series to be versatile and geared for the heavy loader work required on dairy and beef operations.

    Retail prices range from $45,000 for the 5435 model to $75,000 for the 5480. Contact AGCO Corporation at 800/767-3221, visit or, or circle 109.

  11. Soil Builder II

    Readers showed strong interest in Brillion's newest tillage tool, the Soil Builder II. With larger cutting coulters, heavier shanks, greater trash clearance and stronger frames, the Soil Builder II handles heavier conditions and higher horsepower.

    Front coulters have 25-in. diameters and are spaced 7.5 in. apart. Available in 9-, 11- and 13-shank options, the Soil Builder II features larger coulter blades mounted on a 1½-in. square gang bolt and heavy-duty toggle-mounted bearings fastened to the frame by a C-flex riser. Heavy-duty scrapers keep the gangs running trash free.

    Suggested retail price of the pictured Soil Builder II is $27,295. Contact Brillion Farm Equipment at 800/409-9749, visit or, or circle 110.

  12. Class 9 combines

    The new Class 9 combines from Case IH and New Holland are the largest combines in North America, both companies report.

    The New Holland CR9080 combine features a 523-hp engine. Price: $385,000. Contact New Holland at 888/290-7377, visit or, or circle 111.

    The Case IH Axial-Flow 9120 has 483 rated hp. Contact Case IH at 877/422-7344, visit or, or circle 112.

  13. Grizzly 700 FI

    Yamaha's Grizzly 700 FI earned the top scores in the Farm Industry News ATV Rodeo held last summer. And its smaller version, the Grizzly 550 FI, took top scores among the lower-power ATVs.

    These innovative ATV models combine power steering with engineering to create a smooth, powerful ride with ergonomically comfortable controls. Many of the farmers test-driving these vehicles were surprised that they liked the added features like power steering and a cushy seat. But like the rest of the farm population, they are aging, and comfort has become an important issue.

    Suggested retail price is $8,599 for the 700 FI and $7,799 for the 550 FI model. Contact Yamaha Motor Corporation at 800/962-7926, visit or, or circle 113.

  14. Continuously Operating Reference Stations

    Leica and the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) are in the final stages of adding the latest of several statewide RTK networks that offer free correction signals. The Iowa network is designed primarily to improve the efficiency and accuracy of surveying. But it also will provide RTK correction signals for mobile applications, such as agricultural guidance systems. The networks, known technically as Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) networks, provide an alternative to dedicated agricultural RTK networks. Correction signals are free, although users have to pay for the cost of receiving signals, typically via the cellular communications networks. The Iowa DOT CORS network is scheduled to go online in February. For more information, visit

  15. Swinger remote-controlled auger

    Readers were intrigued by the simple design of a new remote-controlled auger called the Swinger. The two-wheel device attaches to a 10- or 13-in. tube and will move it forward and in reverse.

    Price, with one remote, is $1,380. Contact Gary Ruppert at 507/763-3490, visit or, or circle 114.

  16. MoJack mower jack

    The MoJack lifts the front end of a large mower off the ground 24 in. for maintenance and blade work. Designed with triple-redundant safety jacks and pins, the jack is equipped with a nonslip, self-braking winch and a sturdy jack stand to prevent the machine from slipping. It is built of 1- and 2-in. 11-gauge steel tubing.

    The MoJack comes in three models ranging in price from $280 to $335. Contact MoJack at 877/466-5225, visit or, or circle 115.

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