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New Sensor Platforms Change the Face of Soil Mapping

SALINA, KS – Veris Technologies recently introduced its new U Series and I Series of on-the-go soil sensors, developed to simplify the process of mapping and managing soil variability. The platforms, which can be pulled by a UTV and mounted to tillage tools, both boast two soil sensors that map organic matter and soil texture (EC). These maps are created by collecting soil measurements every second and geo-referencing them with GPS, which is then used to drive precision agriculture applications from seeding to fertility.

“Progressive service providers and retailers have had such strong demand for the high resolution soil data collected by Veris sensors that they asked us to develop platforms that can help them cover more acres,” said Eric Lund, president of Veris Technologies. “We’re excited to provide two new solutions that require lower total investment and greatly expand the mapping window by utilizing new patent-pending features.”

The U3000, the first model in the UTV compatible U Series, collects soil electrical conductivity (EC) readings that travel two feet into the rooting zone revealing changes in soil texture across the field. This soil variability has significant implications on a plant’s growing environment, affecting everything from how the roots develop to how water and nutrients move in the soil. 

In addition, the U3000 utilizes a new sensor module called the iScan which houses a dual-wavelength optical sensor to measures the color of the soil. Because this reading is taken below the surface and away from crop residue it can be used to determine organic matter levels. Lund notes organic matter is such a strong indicator and driver of productivity that neglecting this soil property can lead to costly mistakes when creating management zones.

The I Series enlists similar sensors but is configured to mount to tillage tools. Because the data is collected during a tillage pass, the cost per acre for collecting the data is nearly eliminated.

“Whether creating variable rate seeding prescriptions, guiding fertility sampling or improving nitrogen management, Veris EC and OM maps built by the U and I Series will allow you to manage each soil precisely,” Lund said.

About Veris Veris Technologies is a pioneer and recognized leader in helping map and manage soil variability.  Located in Salina, Kansas, the company manufactures and markets the world’s first and most widely adopted on-the-go soil sensing technologydesigned to help growers and their advisors improve profitability by mapping soil variability.  Founded in 1996, the company has helped farmers, ag professionals, and researchers in 48 countries and 44 U.S. states better understand their growing conditions.

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