Prairie Farmer Master Farmer
Prairie Farmer Master Farmer

Nomination form and historical information on Prairie Farmer's annual Master Farmer awards.

Prairie Farmer Master Farmer Awards

Since 1925, Prairie Farmer has been proud to sponsor the Master Farmer Award Program. This award recognizes those farmers with outstanding agricultural production skills, who also work diligently to improve excellence in their family, community, schools, industry and more.

Neighbors, friends, family or business colleagues may nominate a Master Farmer candidate, or candidates may nominate themselves. Candidates can be individuals, couples or siblings farming in partnership, who derive the majority of their income from agricultural production. Candidates who do not receive the award the year they are nominated are welcome to be re-submitted in following years. A panel of Illinois farm leaders will select recipients.

Nominations are due August 26, 2024. Further details are included in the Master Farmer Nomination Form (see link below), or contact Prairie Farmer Editor Holly Spangler at 309/926-6082 or [email protected].