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Power buys

Heavy Soil Tillage Tool

Horsepower requirements are reduced and heavy soil breakout is improved with the 720 model Land Commander II, according to Brillion, Brillion, WI.

Designed for medium to heavy soils, the intermediate-sized tillage tool features four auto-reset shank assemblies on the front and three on the rear for true 20" spacing. Spring-cushioned rear disk gangs break up clods, mix residue and level the field.

The disk gangs can be set at angles of 10°, 15° and 20° to tailor the unit to varying tillage and residue requirements.

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Minimum-Till Ripper

The 2100 minimum-till ripper from John Deere is available in working widths from 12'6" to 21' and can reach a maximum working depth of 16" with coulters. It also has a choice of a spring-cushioned 22" coulter for minimum disturbance or a rippled coulter for more soil movement.

The ripper is available in five-standard and seven-standard configurations with spacings on 24", 30" and 36." Setback brackets on either allow for a staggered pattern and improved residue flow.

The ¾"-wide ripper standards are shear-bolt protected. The 7" ripper points' wing-design and angled tips allow for faster soil penetration and maximum sub-soil fracture.

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New Generation Of Openers

Yetter's Generation II Maverick Opener 2984 Series is a new version of the original Maverick opener. It's designed to allow more transport clearance and accommodate a bigger blade, mounted between two coulter arms for added strength. The blade protects the knife in stony conditions.

The opener offers several optional features that include a soil disruption guard to control depth and keep the blade running clean, a quick-adjust-to-float on the optional residue manager and a V-closing wheel for special applications.

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V-Frame Tillage Tool

The eight-and six-leg V-Till models are affordable alternatives for tillage applications that require total loosening but don't require coulters, according to its manufacturer, Bigham Brothers, Inc., Lubbock, TX.

Legs are spaced at 26" point centers for consistent tillage across the width of the frame. Paratill legs are protected by replaceable-wear surface parts and each clamp is equipped with a damage-prevention shear bolt.

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Clip-On GPS Receiver

Eliminating the need for a backpack system and cabling, the clip-on GPS receiver from Farm Works Software, Hamilton, IN, is designed to work with several pocket PC models.

The unit, designed for many ag applications, also includes a Compact Flash card slot so data can be logged while using the receiver.

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