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Corn+Soybean Digest

Power buys

GPS Guidance The "forward looking" feature on the Outback S GPS field guidance system corrects steering errors before they occur, according to RHS, Inc, Hiawatha, KS.

The steering guide on the unit shows the steering action needed to stay on line at all times, which means less operator fixation on the display. Even novice users can learn to operate the Outback in less than 15 minutes.

Seed Chute Unloading center-dump seed boxes into small targeted areas is easier with the Seed Chute from Yetter, Colchester, IL.

The lightweight, enclosed metal channel deflects seed from the center seed gate opening of the seed box to the box side. For handling safety, the seed box is centered against the mast of the forklift, while the narrow-design channel fits between the forks.

Installation and removal require no wrenches and can be made safely from the side of the box.

Gate Latch The Latch, from Hay Wrap, Inc., Bloomsdale, MO, now comes with a channel back plate for welding to pipe posts.

The latch has a self-latching design, long-lasting paint and requires no hardware on the gate. It can also be padlocked for security.

Dump Stations The new line of bag dump stations from Spiroflow, Charlotte, NC, is designed for dumping dusty bulk granular material into process systems.

The stations' standard features include a removable grate and filter cartridges, high-capacity fan and bag shelf.

Seedbed Finisher The 200 Seedbed Finisher reduces soil crusting, decreasing erosion and moisture loss, according to John Deere.

Staggered rolling baskets break clods and level the soil profile, while spiraling rods firm the soil in the seed zone.

When the finisher is used with the 980 Field Cultivator, seedbeds have larger surface soil particles and finer seed zone soil particles.

The finisher is available in three- and five-section models with 20-45' widths. A rear hitch attachment with tongue length adjuster easily connects to the 980.

Sidedressing with the DMI Nutri-Placer 2800-16 liquid fertilizer applicator can improve corn yields compared with surface banding, according to Case IH.

The unit maintains active hydraulic down-pressure of 1,000 psi, while allowing 6 down-flex and 20 or more upward flex without adding tongue weight.

A component of the Yield-Till system, the unit converts from 15 coulters for 16, 30" rows, to 11 coulters for 12, 30" rows. Coulters can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of row spacings.

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