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Corn+Soybean Digest

Power buys

Selective Spray System

Using weed detection sensors, the WeedSeeker system from Patchen, Inc., Ukiah, CA, reduces herbicide use with spot-spray application.

The system uses an optical chlorophyll sensor and hoods for postemergence applications. Configurations are set through a cab-mounted control panel, which manipulates the sensors. When a green plant is detected between rows, herbicide is spot-sprayed. The crop and bare ground are spared.

Models come in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-row configurations for rows from either 36-40" or 26-32".

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Assisted-Steering System

A new auto-steer system from John Deere helps reduce operator stress, according to Deere.

Marketed as GreenStar AutoTrac, the assisted-steering system utilizes the StarFire position receiver and dual frequency differential corrections to accurately steer a tractor down a field.

Features include incremental track positioning, an aerial turning view that guides the operator back into the next pass and a mark point feature. The system is available on a limited-build basis for 8000 TEN Series and 9000 Series tracked tractors.

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Truck-Mounted Spreader

The MagnaSpread series truck-mounted spreaders from Barron & Brothers International (BBI), Gainesville, GA, deliver fertilizer swaths up to 80-90' and lime swaths up to 50-60'.

A re-engineered design for material flow from the bed chain to the spinners provides an improved projection angle and more uniform delivery. For wider swaths, spinner speeds are set to higher rpms than on conventional spreaders. But materials are not fractured from the high outer blade speeds, according to BBI.

Overhead spinner motors provide more torque for heavy materials, like lime.

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Rip-Strip Tool

In one pass, the 2500 Rip-Strip tillage tool provides deep tillage and improves soil tilth and seedbed conditions while meeting no-till requirements, according to Case IH.

The unit's heavy-duty berm builders catch loosened soil and fill grooves left by the shanks, which improve seedbed drainage. The Row Conditioning System (RCS) baskets mulch residue, protect the berm and reduce erosion.

The RCS is available in flat-bar baskets that fluff the soil, and round-tube baskets that firm the seedbed.

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1,200-Gallon Sprayer

Equipment Technologies (ET), Mooresville, IN, introduces its high-capacity Apache Plus 1200 Series sprayer.

With a 1,200-gallon tank, 48" axle clearance and a wide boom, the sprayer is designed for speed and efficiency. Other features include a pressurized cab, 90-gallon fuel tank and 46" low-compaction tires.

The sprayer is powered by a 275-hp Cummins engine and six-speed power shift mechanical drive transmission with shuttle reverse. Front and rear axles have 30,000-lb and 65,000-lb ratings, respectively.

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