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Corn+Soybean Digest

Power buys

High-Capacity Sprayer

The Model 7420 high-clearance, high-capacity sprayer from Fast Distributing, Mountain Lake, MN, comes with 60', 80', 90' or 120' suspended booms offering a center-pivot design.

A nitrogen-charged hydraulic accumulator, similar to those used to cushion combine heads, is used on the boom systems. The sprayer also features a sloping trough-style sump pump for tank drainage.

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Planter Caddy

A planter caddy from Schlagel Mfg., Torrington, WY, was designed to attach a zone-till machine to a planter, keeping both in alignment. The planter can move up and down independently of the front implement. The caddy is available in three-point or pull-type models with a short turning radius. Large tanks and fertilizer pumps can be attached to the unit.

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In-Line Ripper Shank

For deep tillage on contours or terraces, the PathFind'r Shank from Krause Corp., Hutchinson, KS, can be used on the Krause 4830 Series In-Line Ripper.

The shank features an exclusive pivoting design that allows it to deflect up to 6° each side of center for a total of 12° of movement. Of a spring reset design, the shank is available in 4-shank rigid to 9-shank folding models.

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