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Their soil became a valuable silent partner

The system evolved over time and now centers around a sustainable no-till approach, except for the peanut digger breaking the land.

Brad Haire

July 2, 2020

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Two decades ago, the Mulleks started growing peanuts in Baldwin County, Ala., one of the first operations to do so there. The what and how they farm is still somewhat unusual, but they are passionate about it. If you really want to get them talking, though, ask them about the soil.

Their soil is almost like a silent employee or partner working for them, even taming some of the variables that can stress an operation and its owners. “You could say how we do things and how it has evolved over time kind of makes us an odd bird," said Tim Mullek with a smile. "It works for us, and I think someone could take parts of what we do, but it really is a system approach that needs all the pieces together to work."

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