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Raven39s multihybrid control system soon to be available as a factoryinstalled option on Kinze39s 4900 series planters lets you switch between different hybrids and populations on the fly
<p>Raven&#39;s multi-hybrid control system, soon to be available as a factory-installed option on Kinze&#39;s 4900 series planters, lets you switch between different hybrids and populations on the fly.</p>

Raven named technology provider of Kinze’s multi-hybrid planter

Raven and Kinze pair up&nbsp;to offer multi-hybrid planter technology as a factory-installed&nbsp;option on Kinze&#39;s 4900 planter series.

Ever since Raven unveiled its multi-hybrid planter control system last summer, the company has been trying to find a planter company to incorporate the technology. Today Raven announced it has found one.

The collaborating company is Kinze Manufacturing, which just last month announced it is has developed a multi-hybrid planter but declined to disclose the technology provider. The announcement puts those story lines together.

“We’re very excited to see a quick adoption of this ground-breaking technology with one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Kinze, states Matt Burkhart, vice president and general manager for Raven’s Applied Technology Division in a news release issued today. “Growers will quickly realize the benefits of a multi-hybrid system and the resulting ROI through the use of that technology.”

Kinze will offer the multi-hybrid control system as a factory-installed option on its 4900 series planters. The company says it will be the first to do this. Planters equipped with the technology can switch seed hybrids on the go without farmers having to stop and refill the seed hoppers. The planter does this automatically based on farmers’ pre-programmed instructions, which the farmer can map ahead of time according to changing field conditions. 

The planter will be tested on farms this spring prior to its official launch.

Beck’s Hybrids, a family-owned independent seed company, will be provide agronomic expertise in seed selection. Beck’s introduced its first multi-hybrid planter in 2012 and will be starting their third year of testing in 2014.  

"Multi-hybrid technology allows corn planting to include precision hybrid placement,” said Jason Webster, Central Illinois farm research director for Beck’s Hybrids in the news release.  “Placing the correct corn hybrid is one of the most important decisions a grower can make each and every year.  Our multi-hybrid testing at Beck's has shown significant yield gains and profitability by changing corn hybrid placement on the fly based upon varying degrees of yield potential throughout a field."

For more information on Raven Industries’ multi-hybrid planter system, visit  


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