Planters, planter accessories that could improve efficiency

What’s New From the Shows: Check out these offerings before you settle for your current planter setup again in 2020.

Maybe you’re in the market for a new planter for 2020. Or maybe you like your current planter, but want to add updates because you’re changing tillage systems. Farm shows provide a great opportunity to see what companies currently offer, plus an awesome chance to see the latest offerings just coming out for planting.

Here are 11 products Farm Progress editors found at fall farm shows related to planting that were introduced since farm shows a year earlier. You’ll find completely new planter models in this lineup, including new planters from Kinze and Great Plains. You’ll also find planter bars, which can help you customize a planter to your specific needs.

There are also row cleaners and closing wheels among the new product entries. Many of these are from short-line companies, which specialize in bringing out specific types of products for certain markets. It’s always worth a look to see if the newest thing to hit the market might be an improvement over what you’re currently using on your planter.

Two products are eye-catchers. Shoup now carries a device which allows you to repair gauge wheels on planters without the usual frustration of lining up bolts and holes correctly. It fits in almost any size of press that would be found in a farm shop. Make that repair job a bit less frustrating and safer on your knuckles with this device.

Next, watch for a new wrinkle which will be advanced through more testing in 2020. Coming from 360 Yield Center, the furrow adjuster can do more than one job at the same time. While delivering liquid fertilizer below the seed trench is its primary function, it can also help feather soil back over seed and reduce the chances for sidewall soil compaction during the planting process.

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