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Combo unit from Yetter speeds planting process

Combo unit from Yetter speeds planting process

Earlier this year, Yetter Farm Equipment introduced a new residue manager that features the ability to adjust depth as well as up and down pressure from the tractor cab using a controller, compressor, and air bags. The newest product available for the 2940 Air Adjust System family is the Air Adjust Coulter/Residue Manager Combo.

“The air bags that control the up and down pressure for the residue manager can be independently adjusted from your tractor cab using the digital controller,” said Yetter test engineer Jake Henson. “The convenience of making adjustments from the cab means you can fine-tune settings for changing soil conditions where you may not have done so before, increasing the effectiveness of your planter and positively impacting emergence and yields.”

Not only will the Air Adjust System from Yetter save farmers time and improve planting results, use of the combination unit—performing both residue management and coulter tillage in one pass—further increases efficiency.

“After the residue manager removes the residue, the coulter loosens the soil for better seed to soil contact, eliminates compacted seed trench sidewalls, and sets the stage for the planter opener,” said Henson. “Your seed rows will warm more quickly, and your planter will run more smoothly and place seed more precisely.”

The Air Adjust Coulter/Residue Manager Combo is adaptable for various situations and fits a range of planter models. The coulter can be removed and the residue manager can still be used. Residue managers can be raised with a push of a button as needed for a wet area in a field or waterway.

The 2940 Air Adjust Coulter is available with ripple (R), 25 multiwave (MW), or 13 shallow wave (SW) blades. The residue manager is available with 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch residue manager wheels or with Yetter Farm Equipment’s exclusive SharkTooth wheels. The residue manager is also available with Yetter Floater Wheels that provide a point of contact during planting.

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