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AGCO's planter line gets major upgrade

Since the 1970s the White Planter has carved its own niche in the seeding market with its positive-pressure air system. For the 2014 planting season the company is rolling out the 9000-Series row unit and will offer is first-ever center-fill 12-row, 30-inch machine.

The rollout that occurred April 10 had two parts - first was the new planter row unit which will be part of the entire 9000-Series line in 2014. Second, is the 9812 narrow-transport planter that brings together a range of features and innovations for the market.

Tom Draper, product marketing manager, seeding and tillage, AGCO, notes that White planters started in the past with three simple principles - accuracy, simplicity and reliability. "Simplicity was important and we have fewer moving parts," he notes. Key to that is a design that uses positive air pressure to "push" the seed into the singulation plate rather than "pull" it in with a vacuum - a feature that has been a hallmark of White Planters.

He notes that the 2013 9000-Series rollout rests on the same three principles today, which is typified by the row unit's redesign that uses few parts and requires much less field service to maintain uptime. That was important as Bob Boelson, senior product marketing specialist noted: "What's an hour to a farmer at planting time? It's a life-time especially if he's trying to plant and rain is coming," he notes.

The first eight images in this gallery take a look at the new row unit, which is the first significant upgrade for the White planter since 2000. The row unit will be part of every White Planter in 2014 and will create a range of 9000-Series machines. As Boelson explains: "The row unit gives the planter its model designation, so in 2014 all White Planters become 9000-Series machines with the new 9000-Series row unit."

The rest of the gallery is a look at that first-ever 12-row, center-fill planter - the 9812 - which features a narrow transport design. For AGCO, narrow transport is defined as 12-feet. Beyond being easy to move around, this new planter picks up a range of features from bigger planters and brings them to the 12-row class. For more information about the White Planter series, which will be sold by both Massey Ferguson and Challenger dealers, call 877/525-4384 or visit

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