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Pioneer Hi-Bred offers program choices

Growers choosing products from Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., will have a broad choice of high-yielding hybrids and varieties to pick from for the 2004 growing season, including one of the widest selections of new crop production technologies in the industry.

The products are complemented by the No-Nonsense Rewards program, which offers expanded choices in purchase terms to meet preferences of individual growers.

The No-Nonsense Rewards Program has many of the same popular elements offered in previous years, including quantity savings, the commitment rewards discount and the TruChoice Opportunity Program.

“Our customers told us they liked much of what we've offered in our purchase program in previous years,” said Bill Fleet, vice president, North American Sales, Pioneer. “That's why we've retained many aspects of the program. Of course, the first decision every grower makes is plant genetics, and Pioneer offers the broadest range of high-yielding hybrids and varieties in the industry with the latest production technologies.

“After making product decisions, it's time to check out the best cost-savings and financing program,” Fleet added.

“We believe Pioneer brand products, available through this simple, attractive program, will deliver value to each grower's bottom line in the most economical way possible.”

The Pioneer product lineup includes an expanded number of Pioneer brand corn hybrids with the Herculex I insect protection trait, as well as those with the Roundup Ready gene. In addition, Pioneer will be offering, with specific hybrids, three corn insecticide seed treatments for added grower convenience and enhanced protection against yield-robbing insects.

Growers also will have the opportunity to choose from a powerful new generation of soybean products from Pioneer with a full range of key disease and pest-resistant traits.

The quantity savings discount provides savings for every dollar spent on Pioneer products — the greater the purchase, the greater the savings. Pioneer sales professionals will be able to provide details.

The commitment reward savings from Pioneer allows growers purchasing Pioneer products early to save even more on their seed purchases — with the best savings available to those making selections through Dec. 5, 2003.

Cash customers are eligible for an additional two percent discount off their entire purchase if they buy through Jan. 16, 2004. For those choosing to finance their seed purchases through the Deferred Payment program, competitive interest rates are available — with the best rates offered to customers making product commitments through Jan. 16, 2004.

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