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Pink bollworm program pegs California cotton acres at 452,000

No surprises this year in the California cotton crop estimates between the USDA/NASS estimate and the field checking numbers of the California Pink Bollworm program.

James Rudig, program supervisor for the pink bollworm program, said his crews have tallied 452,000 acres of cotton in California this year in setting out almost 6,000 pink bollworm traps.

This is just 2,000 acres more than the USDA/NASS estimate.

However, the pink bollworm program shows different numbers in the two cotton categories, Upland and Pima.

The state insect monitoring program says there is almost 192,000 acres of Upland in the state; 168,720 in the Central Valley, 18,840 in Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino and 4,440 in the Sacramento Valley. USDA/NASS estimates upland acreage at 185,000.

Regardless of the number, it still represents the lowest Upland acreage on record.

The pink bollworm program says there are 260,000 acres of Pima cotton in the San Joaquin Valley. USDA/NASS says there are 5,000 acres more than that in Fresno, Kern, Kings, Merced and Tulare counties.

Here is the acreage breakdown by county:

Upland Pima
Fresno 6,185 98,335
Kern 30,750 44,625
Kings 21,150 110,245
Madera 5,125 0
Merced 44,080 5,110
Tulare 21,430 1,690
San Joaquin 168,720 260,005
Colusa 935
Glenn 2,615
Sutter 790
Tehama 100
Northern Calif. 4,400
Imperial 4,500
Riverside 13,725
San Bernardino 615
Southern Calif. 18,840 Total
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