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Martin family yields three generations of PEA winners

Father and son named 2020 Southwest PEA winners.

The 2020 Peanut Efficiency Award winners for the Southwest are father and son, Glen and Aaron Martin, of A&G Farms. They follow in the footsteps of James Martin, Glen's father and Aaron's grandfather, who was named the first Southwest PEA winner in 2000.

The Martins grow Georgia 09B peanuts on sandy soils near Wellman, Texas. In 2019, they averaged 5,619 pounds per acre and 5,697 pounds in 2018 at $475 per ton.

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Their secret to success? Water. But in a region with limited and often untimely rainfall, about 16 to 18 inches per year, along with hot summer temperatures and a declining aquifer, peanut production is a challenge. And where they plant their peanuts is limited to farms with adequate irrigation water.

The Martins attribute their yields to crop rotation, inoculants, and Velum nematicide, which is applied on every acre of peanuts.

Also fundamental to the success of their operation? Their wives, employees, and their crop consultant. For generations, the Martins have lived by their family motto, "Be good stewards of the land, it will take care of you."

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Southwest PEA winners:

  • 2000: James Martin
  • 2001Neil Reimer
  • 2002: Chuck Rowland
  • 2003: Roger Neitsch
  • 2004: Jimbo Grissom
  • 2005: Rex Carr
  • 2006: Jim Davis
  • 2007: Clint White
  • 2008: Otis Johnson
  • 2009: Weldon Shook
  • 2010: Rusty Strickland
  • 2011: Cornelius Enns
  • 2012: Joe D. White
  • 2013: Murray Phillips
  • 2014: Guenther Farms
  • 2015: Anthony Reed
  • 2016: Rickey Bearden
  • 2017: Jake Teichroeb
  • 2018: Mason Becker
  • 2019: Jared and Lexi Floyd
  • 2020: Glen and Aaron Martin
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