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Beefs and Beliefs
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The taste tradeoff has long been fat versus sugar, and it appears Americans are slowly learning fat is safer and better.

Spread the word to eat more fat

Americans appear to be eating more fat and less sugar and real science says this is a good thing.

The American Heart Association is still peddling their poison, but it appears the American people are slowly learning not to drink the AHA's kool-aid.

I'm referring to the evidence in three news items I read this week. One said dairy fat consumption is growing dramatically. Another says all fat consumption may be increasing. The third is an outstanding article trashing the AHA for its updated and ongoing demand that Americans eat vegetable oils instead of saturated fat, despite the large and growing amount of data showing that concept is far inferior to a bad idea.

I have written, on occasion, and for many years about the disinformation and perversion of science involved in nutrition science and also about new research debunking these falsehoods.

Here are three of my past articles you can read for background:

In 2002 Gary Taubes introduced this very idea to New York Times readers with his article What If It's All Been a Big Fat Lie? It was not exactly news to me, as I had been reading the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Al Sears, M.D., and others, but I thought Taubes did a great job laying out a thesis that modern nutritional ideas has all been based on junk science. He did a much more extensive job debunking official government food policy, which denigrates animal proteins and fats and deifies carbohydrates in his book Good Calories, Bad Calories.

A few years later, Nina Teicholz tore up the status quo again with her book The Big Fat Surprise, which went even further toward exonerating animal fats in particular, of their designated role as Satan's spawn. Teicholz even opened the door for readers into new research suggesting it's important to eat fairly large amounts of saturated fats for health of our brains and more.

I keep reading human nutrition science as much as I can make time for and in the last five or six years I'm finding meta study after meta study destroying official food policy and showing all this carbohydrate and vegetable-oil ballyhooing wasn't science at all, but an orchestrated snake hunt in which the outcome was decided before the research ever started.

If you want to learn more and share information with friends, this latest article from Primalbody I mention above is a good one, as are most or all of the links therein.

Read it, spread it, and join the fight to debunk the lies and reclaim our health.

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