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Claas makes Shredlage move, pushes Max Cut mower bar

Claas will offer Shredlage technology as option for the Jaguar harvester line; promotes Max Cut mower bar with wave-shaped bed

Claas in May made two equipment announcements, the first introducing its agreement with Shredlage, LLC and the second providing more information in its new Max Cut mower bar.

First, Claas announced it has entered into an agreement with the U.S. company Shredlage, LLC, regarding its Shredlage technology. Shredlage is the developer of a special conditioning process for corn silage in the Claas Jaguar forage harvester.

Claas will soon offer Shredlage technology as a factory-installed or after-market option for the Jaguar line as a complement to the Claas Multi-Crop Cracker.

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Shredlage technology is a specific conditioning process that produces high-quality corn silage. Thanks to the unique design of the LorenCut roller in the Jaguar cracker, the corn stalk is ripped lengthwise into planks and strings effectively enhancing the fiber content, improving packing and exposing the inner cells of the plant for increased microbial activity.

In this process, the corn plant is chopped significantly longer than before, but the corn kernel is still split several times. University studies and actual on-farm performance results validate the economic benefits of the Shredlage technology for producers and the entire dairy industry, Claas said in a statement.

Max Cut mower bar
For the season, Claas is also promoting its Max Cut mower bar with a wave-shaped bed, which is stamped from a single piece of steel.

"The wave design gives the bar the required underlying strength and allows the satellite gears to move forward for greater overlap and to eliminate the chance of discs colliding," says CLAAS of America Product Coordinator Matt Jaynes. "I really feel that the wave design is the only way to meet all the requirements of a mower bar today."

Max Cut mower bar >>

The large cross-section created by the mower bar's exclusive wave design, along with the very small module openings in the bar cover, ensure outstanding strength and stamina.

Max Cut is now standard equipment on all Profil front mowers, center pivot mowers and hydraulic 3-point mowers.

Only the wave design can provide the space needed for two distinctive connecting pieces, which are expressly hardened for this design. The connection piece with a raised section where the knives run toward each other operates like a shear bar, preventing clumps of dirt from forming. It also protects the bar from cutting damage. With the slimline connecting piece on the right, as the knives move apart, they clear the bar earlier and start cutting immediately. The special design also ensures optimum crop flow.

"Overlap is the key to a perfect cut," Jaynes said. "And, thanks to the specially shaped connecting pieces at the point where the knife pairs are moving apart, there is maximum overlap between the circles of rotation of the knives, boosting the cut surface area."

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Source: Claas

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