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Japanese Chefs Choose U.S. Beef for Culinary Competition

U.S. Meat Export Federation assists team in providing U.S. beef.

When a team of Japan's finest chefs goes head-to-head with more than 1,000 chefs from around the world starting this week in Erfurt, Germany, it will be relying on U.S. beef to bring home the gold medal.

The International Exhibition of Culinary Art 2012 is a world-class event held every four years, in which more than 1,000 cooks and confectioners from 33 countries compete for medals and the Olympic championship title.

"Corn and soybean-fed U.S. beef is tender, tasty and juicy with just the right amount of marbling," said Japanese chef team captain Miura. "It is a perfect match for our main dish (U.S. beef fillet wrapped in burdock and veal-base mousse). The slow-roasting of U.S. beef brings out the beautiful balance in cherry red color as well as marbling and its taste."

The chef teams will have 6.5 hours to prepare their dishes, and each team will serve 110 guests who purchase tickets in advance. Japan's team practiced for the competition by serving about 130 guests at a previous event.

"It is an honor for U.S. beef to be featured by Japan's national team in this worldwide competition," said Takemichi Yamashoji, U.S. Meat Export Federation-Japan senior marketing director. "Japan is the home of world-class Kobe beef, but the chefs felt that U.S. beef is the right choice for this event."

Japan's team of seven chefs will compete in the event with the Beef Checkoff logo on their uniforms along with the USMEF We Care logo that has become synonymous with U.S. beef in Japan.

Established by a group of German chefs in 1896, the International Exhibition of Culinary Art is a prestigious and elaborate event. The Japanese National Team was selected by the All Japan Culinary Chefs Association, which has a close relationship with USMEF.

While primary funding for the Japanese National Team comes from 45 Japanese corporations including Kirin and Osaka Gas, U.S. beef for the competition is provided through the Beef Checkoff Program.

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