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Butte County PAC opposes Measure D

Mr. Cline:

I really think you are doing a great job on your GMO editorials.

Don't know if anyone is keeping you updated on the Butte County situation. A political action committee has been formed called Citizens for Accountable Agriculture Committee to Oppose Measure D. Address is P.O. Box 3271 Chico, CA, 95927-3271.

They hired a campaign manager her name is Susan LaGrande, phone 530-894-7467, e-mail [email protected]. also e-mail [email protected].

They are also working on a Web site So far the local Farm Bureau is the big contributor to the committee, but other ag businesses and organizations have promised sizeable contributions — mostly rice groups — Butte county Rice Growers Association and Red Top Rice Growers.

Also local CAPCA chapter is contributing.

First fundraiser has already happened with more planned. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

Thanks for your editorials, you must really be hitting a nerve or you wouldn't have gotten the bully moniker. We have been using the OCA connection.

Thanks again.

Tom Dowd

‘Environmentalist’ offers apology

Dear Mr. Cline:

As a farmer who does consider himself an “environmentalist” I must apologize for the behavior of those who deeply discredit the rest of us. The emails that you have received are very wrong. I firmly believe in civil discourse.

I don't share your faith and belief in science having all the answers. Nor am I to keen on the idea of “medicinal foods,” but that is why there will always be a market for those of us who do not raise GMO crops or use bio-tech to raise our animals.

There is room for both, as long as both sides choose wisely.


Micheal McEvoy, St. Brigid's Gate Farm [email protected] Mahomet, Texas

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