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World Ag Expo will present top products at annual event Feb. 12-14

The 2008 Top Ten New Products will be presented Feb. 11 during World Ag Expo's Media Day. The 2008 Top Ten were chosen by committee as the newest, most innovative agricultural products to be displayed at the Expo, Feb. 12-14 in Tulare, Calif.

The Top Ten and Featured New Products or honorable mentions, stood out from products nominated by exhibiting companies, and were selected by a panel of agribusiness professionals and farmers.

“Year after year attendees come to the show to find the technology and services to make their operation more profitable and efficient. These winners represent the best that the ag industry has to offer,” said Shelley Khal, 2008 World Ag Expo chairman.

World Ag Expo's New Product Center will be a central location for attendees and media to see the Top Ten New Products and browse through promotional materials on all of the Featured New Products. The New Product Center will be located on Median Street in front of Pavilion C.

Listed below in no particular order are the Top Ten New Products:

PineCreek Precision

Product: Unmanned Air System (UAS)

Unmanned Air System is a revolutionary, hand launched plane that contains an autopilot UAS that flies autonomously along a pre-programmed flight path, which is set up in advance of the flight to take timely, high resolution images. UAS captures images in color and near infrared. The software processes and stitches the color and NIR images together to show a complete field. The resulting images can be imported into analysis software.

All of the images are geo-referenced so the operator can go out to the imaged field to assist in placement of fertilizer, chemicals, pesticides, and water.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: 3403

Micro Dot Security Solutions LLC

Product: DataDots

Datadots are discs the size of a grain of sand applied to equipment by the 100s or 1000s. The discs carry a unique pin number that is registered on the national database for recovery by law enforcement.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: J24

Towing Products/Convert-A-Ball

Product: Step Gate

The Step Gate is one of the most useful accessories produced for truck tailgates. It is an easy and safe way to access the pickup bed. Installing in minutes on either side of the tailgate, it is out of the way when the tailgate is shut and can be instantly removed if needed.

Made of high-strength steel tubing, it is strong and durable. Simple to use…drop the tailgate, swing the step over the handrail and then grab and step up. The specially designed step can secure both long items such as lumber and bulky items such as propane bottles.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: B St. 9

Dow AgroSciences

Product: Delegate Insecticide

Discovered in an abandoned rum still in the Caribbean, the active ingredient in these new insecticides provide revolutionary pest control.

Delegate and Radiant insecticides are manufactured and marketed by Dow AgroSciences. Both products contain the one-of-a-kind active ingredient spinetoram.

Delegate and Radiant provide powerful, consistent control of numerous pests in nearly every major crop in California. They are the only insecticides that provide control of worms, thrips and leafminers. Yet both products possess the environmental characteristics generally associated with biological insecticides and were accepted for review under EPA's Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: 3215 & 3216

Agrobotics, LLC

Product: AutoProbe

The first high speed, on-the-go soil sampler for precision soil sampling. Samples are collected at a precise depth and interval over a section of land. On a 2.5 acre grid, twenty cores are pulled to constitute a sample. This is done at a constant speed of 8mph. The machine is guided and steered with GPS.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: 3401 & 3402


Product: PureSense Irrigation Manager

PureSense growers manage crop performance in real-time to maximize crop potential and minimize costs. The patented information system and proprietary field monitoring stations collect, relay and process continuous data about soil, water and climate, so customers can access easy-to-use PureSense ‘know-how’ and online software applications anytime, from anywhere.

Turn-key solutions alert growers to soil moisture conditions, tracks irrigation events, provide early warning for frost events, and guide growers on precision irrigation scheduling.

Customers see plus-400 percent ROI in the first year, and the benefits of solar powered systems.

PureSense Irrigation Manager is the basic entry service to a full range of PureSense Agricultural Solutions.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: 2406 & 2407

Key Dollar Cab, LLC

Product: John Deere 6020L Orchard Cab

This cab was designed exclusively for California nut growers to have the absolute minimal impact on trees as it moves down the rows. The low roof height, raked front windshield and tapered sides all help keep nuts on the trees. One hundred percent stainless steel construction along with one half-inch tempered windows allow the cab to stand up to the rigors of daily orchard use.

Operator comfort was also a primary goal. The cab features a complete noise attenuated interior, 100 percent recirculation A/C, charcoal filtered air delivery system, and a fully isolated cab to tractor mounting system.

This aftermarket cab will fit any of the John Deere 6020L Series Orchard Tractors and is only available through John Deere Dealers.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: SS73

Jacobson Remotics

Product: Field Water Alarm

The Field Water Alarm is a digitally integrated irrigation product that alerts the farm owner by radio or cell phone when the water is flowing into his field or has reached an optimum point.

Water flows into the field from the source proceeding to a check that is monitored. The Field Water Alarm probe is pre-set to appoint where the farmer wants to be notified.

When the water reaches this probe it passes the information to the control unit translating and sending a message to a radio or cell phone. Action can then be taken to change over to the next set of pots or turn the water back. Saves time, saves money and saves guessing.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: 2519

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.

Product: Blue Tork

The new Chicago Pneumatic Blue Tork range of products are the most advanced family of fastening tools in the industry which take over where standard air impacts and torque wrenches stop.

These air operated automatic shut off tools tighten lug nuts to an exact specified torque greatly reducing wheel off concerns. They are designed for commercial trucks and buses.

Blue Tork products were introduced with three guiding principals in mind: Ergonomics, efficiency and quality. These can be easily remembered as E2Q.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: K St. 20

Ag-Biz Solutions LLC

Product: Hay & Crop Manager

Hay&CropManager is a comprehensive farm management software package that tracks everything from the planting of fields to receiving the final sales payment. The program provides growers with complete production, inventory and sales data, as well as tracks equipment inventory and maintenance and custom service invoicing.

The software is designed to be used for all types of crops, is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh systems, includes built-in video tutorial instructions and is customizable for grower-specific needs.

Web site:
World Ag Expo booth: 3606

EDITOR'S NOTE — The 2008 World Ag Expo is Feb. 12-14, at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif. This year, the Expo will expand to 2.6 million square feet with the addition of the Dairy Technology Center and outdoor exhibits in the dairy section The 2008 World Ag Expo is Where the World of Agriculture Means Business. For more information visit or call 800-999-9186.

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