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Letters to the editor

Southwest Farm Press welcomes letters from readers. Mail them to Editor-Letters, 3617 Villanova Drive, Denton, Texas 76205, or e-mail your letter to [email protected]. We reserve the right to edit responses for length and content.

Budget proposal

I find it interesting that Rep. Stenholm is suddenly concerned with the national debt. (This debt) did not occur overnight. He helped create the debt by supporting pork barrel welfare farm programs.

Dennis Brown

It looks like Randy Neugebauer has blinders on when looking at the Republican budget. I cannot believe that Congress would consider looking at a budget that did not include the expenses for the war effort. It will take several congressmen like Charles Stenholm to help hold down the national debt and cut the runaway Federal spending.

Tom Alvis, Lubbock, Texas

Partisan politics, redistricting

Ron: God bless you for telling it just like it is! Keep on keeping on.

Derrell Hall, Fannin County, Texas, Judge and cattle raiser, 4th generation farmer

Re: Grassley

To: Ron Smith:

I have had the displeasure of reading your biased stories one too many times. Unrestricted payments have done more to depopulate our county (Lamoure) and state (ND) than any other federal policy in the twentieth century. How come you can make statements that no commodity groups support payment limitations, that is quite a statement in which I am sure you did no research on?

Mark Kartes, Dickey, ND

Ron Smith responds: The story in question quoted USDA Deputy Under Secretary Hunt Shipman, who always does his research.

Free Trade

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am an American Farmer and also a proud member of the United Auto Workers Union and I have seen with my own eyes what the “Chinese and all our other free trade partners” will do to crush the American worker and our nation. We have lost thousands of jobs in this nation to “so-called free trade” and no one in Washington cares. We're worried about terrorism, well it's right there in our many “free trade agreements” and we just keep signing more agreements. They will go to any length to use their cheap “prison” labor, local labor and non-existent environmental laws to destroy our American way of life. We will never recover from this unfortunate situation until all our so-called “free trade servants” in Washington wake up and admit the damage all these “free trade deals are doing to our country and it's workers. I hope the American people wake-up and “BUY AMERICAN” before it's too late and replace these “anti-worker and anti-American free traders” with true patriots during the next election. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Gary Ordway


Ron, I sure did enjoy your article about being more self-sufficient.

It brought back some good and not so good memories. Too bad more young people can't get a chance to spend a little time or a summer on a working farm. They are some of my fondest memories as a boy. I still live on the family farm here in Denton. Although we don't farm full time any more my son and I still grow hay and raise some cattle. And I have family garden that we all enjoy.

Thanks again Ron for the great article and memories. I enjoy reading the Farm Press and all your articles.

Tommy Calvert

President, Denton (Texas) County Farm Bureau

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