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Check out new products for treating and moving seed

What's new
New innovations in preparing seed and getting it to the planter or drill come on line.

Seed treatment for both corn and soybean seed has become a huge business. So has figuring out various ways to deliver seed into planter boxes, planter hoppers and drill hoppers in bulk instead of in 50-pound bags. The revolution continues as companies introduce new seed treatments, new equipment for treating seed and new models of seed tenders of various shapes and sizes to help you get seed to the field and into the planter or drill without lifting that first pound of seed by hand.

Meridian Manufacturing has turned building efficient, easy-to-operate seed tenders into an art form. The company is back with another new model for 2017. Every time Meridian introduces a new model, handling gets easier and more efficient. The trend continues with this new product.

You can also check out a new entry in the seed tender market from SureFire Ag Systems. See if this product has the features you are looking for in your price range.

J&M, a company known for innovation in moving many products, from grain to seed, introduces a streamlined model to haul Pro-Box-style containers. It’s a well-built seed tender in a price range many people should be able to afford.

Meanwhile, there is new equipment coming on the market for treating seed. My Yield introduces a whole line of seed treating equipment. There are various sizes in this lineup to fit the needs of a variety of operations. If you are going to treat your own seed, you will want to check out this new product offering.

Check out these and the rest of the products in this category. Make use of the contact information provided to follow up and learn more about the new products that interest you the most.

Check out new products for treating and moving seed
Move seed faster
Move bulk seed faster with conveyor carts from HitchDoc. The HSC275 holds 275 seed units. The HSC375 hold 375 seed units. Dual hopper tanks are mounted on tandem-axle gooseneck trailers. The carts are available in red, green or black. For more information, contact HitchDoc, Jackson, Minn., at 800-446-8222 or

Check out new products for treating and moving seed
Move 40% more seed
Unverferth Manufacturing’s 55 Series Seed Runner has a patent-pending rubber belt design. U-shaped rows of cupped offset cleats move 40% more seed than standard belts. Base list price is $28,759. For additional information, contact Unverferth Manufacturing, Kalida, Ohio, at 419-532-3121 or

Check out new products for treating and moving seed
Highest discharge height
Going to new heights are the folks at Meridian. The company's Seed Express 400SLD has the highest discharge height on the market, according to company representatives. The seed tender comes standard with a 24-foot conveyor that features a 14-foot, 6-inch discharge height. The steep cone design allows for optimal cleanout of the compartments without having to add an agitator. Hydraulics were added to ease opening of gates. For more information, contact your local Meridian Manufacturing, Storm Lake, Iowa, at 712-732-1780 or

Check out new products for treating and moving seedEconomical seed tender
QuickDraw Lite is a manual or semiautomated spray tender system. Under the manual operation, users open a product valve, watch the display until the chemical is measured into the sprayer, and close the valve. With the semiautomated operation, users can enter the desired chemical amount and press start. Once the liquid amount is reached, the product valve automatically closes. This pull-type Lite is a smaller, more economical version starting at $15,000. For more information, contact SureFire Ag Systems, Atwood, Kan., at 866-626-3670 or

Check out new products for treating and moving seed
Cut seed filling time with these tenders
The Convey-All Industries CST-C Series seed tenders are multiple-compartment tenders that can be used to transfer various fertilizers and seed in one trip. The ease of use cuts seed filling time, and conveyors reduce seed damage and the chance for cross-contamination. Stainless-steel hopper slopes and gates are standard features, along with a removable rear conveyor and electric tarp control. Learn more details about the CST-C Series tenders at

Check out new products for treating and moving seed
Do your own seed treatments
Save money by treating your own seed on the farm with the My Yield Seed Treatment System. Available in compact sizes like the 2500 and 5000 models, as well as the 7500 oversized model, these seed treatment systems are basically turnkey and ready to use. They use conveyors for gentle seed handling and have easy seed flow and application calibration. The My Yield 7500 model is $30,000. Learn more about treating seed yourself at

Check out new products for treating and moving seed
Seed tender enters market
The C450 seed tender from J&M is a new entry in the seed handling category. It’s designed to help you get Pro-Boxes to the field and unfold seed into the planter or drill quickly yet gently. The C450 features what J&M calls the TruTrak V-Belt seed unloading system. The conveyor belt is longer than on some other models to provide more reach to seed boxes. The unit features an 11-horse electric start Honda engine. List price is $33,175. Contact J&M Manufacturing Inc., Fort Recovery, Ohio, at 419-375-2376 or

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