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Feed livestock more efficiently with these new products

What's new products from the farm shows
Feed and care for livestock with new products offered at fall farm shows.

What’s new under the sun if you have livestock to feed? There are more new products out there than you might think. They include everything from bale processors, so you can turn large bales into usable feed, to feed bunks to put that feed into so your livestock can eat without wasting lots of feed.

You will find a bale processor from Fair, a South Dakota-based manufacturer. The company has taken its popular bale processor and added the ability to blow the feed out a spout instead of just discharging it. Some farmers are also finding it useful for processing big straw bales and bedding a large area all at the same time.

You will also find a new telehandler from Bobcat that turns the machine into a workhorse if you have bales to move or other chores to do around the livestock operation.

Agri-King brings adding silage inoculants into the 21st century with modular controls for its applicator. The goal is to improve accuracy when mixing the inoculant with feed.

Wolverine introduces a new bale shredder, and Patriot unveils a new creep feeder and a gravity-based tender for moving feed.

If you raise livestock, there is a product in this list that is guaranteed to capture your imagination. Check them out, and be sure to use the contact information provided to learn more about these products.

60% more capacity
Get up to 60% more silage per truckload with an Akron silage compression trailer from Grain Bags Canada. A powerful sliding ram is used to compress material in the truck and push it out. Base list price is about $80,000. For more information, call Grain Bags Canada, Humboldt, Saskatchewan, at 306-682-5888, or see or

Shred frozen bales
The Wolverine Shredder is a heavy-duty, big square bale shredder that can bust up bales with ease. It’s tough enough to shred bales that are frozen, according to the Canadian manufacturer. The Wolverine Shredder can spread bales for feed or bedding. For more information, contact Dynamic Ditchers, Dugald, Manitoba, at 204-853-2075 or

Say 'no' to net wrap
Plastic wrap, net wrap and twine can be a pain for farmers trying to split a hay bale for feeding. But a product from Price Brothers Equipment will slice through round bales and retain bale net or wrapping, preventing it from getting tangled in the mixer. Using hydraulics, the Maxilator Mega Splitter grips the plastic wrap while splitting the bale in half for easy feeding. It opens to 84 inches; closed height is 42 inches. It is 50 inches wide without spears. Keeping the net out of feeders may make it worth a look. For more information, contact Price Brothers Equipment, Wichita, Kan., at 877-957-9577, or check out

Versatile tool carrier
The "perfect size" — that is how representatives at Bobcat describe their VersaHandler V519 telescopic tool carrier. With the ability to lift 5,500 pounds to a height of 19 feet, the telehandler is ideal for stacking large round hay bales. It also has a 10-foot reach. It comes ready for attachments like an auger, bale fork, bucket and snow blade. In total, 17 attachments can be used with this model. For more information, contact Bobcat, West Fargo, N.D., at to find a dealer near you.

Crank creep feeder
Patriot Equipment went simple with its creep feeders. The company added a jack-assisted crank, making it easier to open and shut the feed gates — and they stay put. Patriot also uses spring-loaded creep gates for easy up and down. Livestock producers can fill with the gates open. The company offers four sizes of feeders — 70 bushels, 150 bushels and 300 bushels (10 feet or 16 feet). For more information, contact Patriot Equipment, Minden, Neb., at 800-264-6587 or

Feed mover
Need a simple way to move grain, feed or pellets to livestock? Check out Patriot Equipment's line of gravity tenders. Coming in a 2- or 3-ton capacity, this tender offers livestock producers a way to get feed to the field. The hitch pull tender has an offset lid for easy unloading. It is made of 14-gauge steel for durability. For more information, contact Patriot Equipment, Minden, Neb., 800-264-6587 or

More feed trough
Behlen Country now has an all-metal feed bunk with a trough depth of 14 inches and a capacity of 30 cubic feet. Made with heavy-duty steel, it can attach to other units to provide even greater feeding capacity. The bunk is 10 feet long and 40 inches wide. For more information, contact Behlen Country at 800-447-2751 or to find a dealer near you.

Easy-loading bale processor saves time
The Tomahawk 9500 Bale Processor from Teagle Machinery Ltd. has a wide body and a twin cross-beater configuration to make loading a snap. It has a large-diameter fan in a hard-box housing. Weigh cells and braked axles are available options on this unit. The 9500 Bale Processor is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology for easy communication between the processor and the operator. Learn more at

Get clean cut with loader-mounted bale slicer
HLA Attachments based in Ontario offers the new BK60 Series Bale Knife that allows producers to reduce the time it takes to feed high-quality silage. The loader-mounted mechanism grabs the bale and bale wrap netting and holds them securely as the bale is sliced with a powerful serrated blade and dropped in the feeding area. Available in three different widths, the bale knife saves from having to remove bale wrapping. Learn more at

Refill tubs for lick sled are biodegradable
Rio Nutrition launched its successful RangeRocket mobile lick sled for cattle last year. To build on the success of that product, the company released a RangeRocket Refill Program that includes two 125-pound biodegradable refill tubs that fit snugly inside the original RangeRocket sleds. The refills will naturally degrade so ranchers don’t have to worry about picking up plastic tubs that blow around. The refill tubs are made specifically to refill Rio’s lick sleds. For more information, see

Minerals on the go with mobile station
The Mineral Matron mobile mineral station from Ag Dryer Services, Elm Creek, Neb., offers mobility to your mineral feeding. The unit is all galvanized for long life and has extra storage for additional product. It includes a 2,000-pound axle with springs and five-bolt wheels. It has a single-tub capacity of 15 gallons and double-tub capacity of 6.5 gallons. The unit lists for $2,295. Get more information by calling 800-657-2184.

Compact bale processor cuts it up
LuckNow Products offers its BP744 compact bale processor, complete with a 4-foot left-hand side discharge with adjustable deflector to control discharge distance up to 40 feet. Discharge also provides a 10-foot spread width for bedding operations. There is a right-hand windrow discharge feature, along with a reversible drum to aid in clean-out. A flow control valve controls drum speed and different material lengths. Get all the details at

High-volume roller mill processes more
The Automatic ATG15000 High-Volume Roller Mill has a differential drive that gives more volume with less horsepower. One roll moves slightly faster than the other, which produces a shearing action, improving cutting efficiency. With a capacity of 15,000 bushels per hour and a 500-bushel hopper, the unit runs on three 100-hp motors and has a 16-inch output auger. It is equipped with sequential electric startup and shut-down and electric hopper gates. Get all the details at

Forage applicator goes high-tech
If you apply forage or grain treatments on hay silage or other products, you can know you’re doing it accurately today. The applicator line from Agri-King now features a  controller developed for the company by Micro-Trak. The controller is placed inside the cab, and allows the operator to change rates and know he or she is getting accurate application. Contact Agri-King at 800-435-9560 or

Bale processor with top discharge
The Fair 7825-TD bale processor with top discharge has versatility and flexibility built in. It’s the newest version of the Fair 7825 bale processor, with a new top discharge feature. Top discharge makes it easier to blow material for bedding barns and other chores. The bale processor features a side-ejection door and a reverse kick-out. List price for the top discharge model is $36,000. List for the basic model without top discharge is $24,000.  Contact Fair Manufacturing Inc., Yankton, S.D., at 605-653-3247 or

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