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These new products simplify handling and storing grain

These new products simplify handling and storing grain
See what companies are introducing to make life around the grain center better.

You need four types of equipment to complete harvest and store grain efficiently. You need a combine, of course; means to haul the grain out of the field and to the bin; equipment to dry the grain and get it into the bin; and finally, equipment to handle the grain while it is in the bin. It's likely you already have a lineup of equipment to handle all of these tasks. Is there a weak link in your chain? Do one or more pieces of critical equipment in the harvest process need replacing and updating?

Equipment manufacturers who make equipment for the grain harvesting and grain handling industries are gambling that you just might be in the market for equipment with more features and updated technology. Many companies continue to test and turn out new products. Many of those showed up for the first time at fall farm shows. Others that were displayed have not been available for very long.

Products in the grain handling field range from grain augers to dryers to sweep augers that work inside bins. And there are even products designed for making work around grain and grain centers safer — not only for you, but also for your whole family.

Check out the new products related to grain handling and grain storage that our editors uncovered at shows this fall. The Farm Progress team of editors who combed shows for new products includes Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist; and Curt Arens, Nebraska Farmer. It wasn’t possible to include every new product displayed at shows in one article. Watch for other articles on grain handling and storage equipment coming soon on this website. For more information on individual products, contact the companies using the information listed with each item.

Check out the following pages for the new grain equipment.

Faster augers
With capacities of up to 23,000 bushels per hour, Brandt’s newly re-engineered augers are more efficient than ever before. Enhancements to the hopper flighting and boot design have resulted in capacity increases of up to 22%. For more information, contact Brandt Agriculture Products at 866-427-2638 or see

New burner, even heat
Mathews Co. Legacy Series L1000 is improving airflow with a new burner that offers even heat and even drying. The new model replaces the L1350. It offers the ability to heat and vacuum cool grain. This prototype dryer will be available in 2017. For more information contact Mathews Co., Crystal Lake, Ill., at 800-323-7045 or visit

Excellent bin cleanout with new sweep
The new 1000 Series Brock sweep augers are intended for light to medium farm use. The series of sweep augers offers zero-bin-entry safeguards for bins from 15 to 60 feet in diameter. Auger diameters are available ranging from 8, 10 or 12 inches, with capacity ratings up to 10,000 bushels per hour. The units have a unique drive wheel and offer a cleaner sweep, even in larger bins. For more information, contact Brock at or call 574-658-4191.

Extra-wide trough offers high-capacity unloading
The extra-wide center sump opening of the new EasyFlow2 U-Trough Sweep Auger from Westeel and AGI offers high-capacity grain flow. The polyethylene gate sliders keep friction low for easy opening and closing, and improved gate seal. Because of the unit’s aggressive wheel tread pattern and adjustable backboard, grain bin cleanout is greatly improved. Learn more by calling 204-233-7133 or go online to

Touch-screen grain drying control
Shivvers Manufacturing, Corydon, Iowa, recently released its new Shivvers Premier grain drying monitoring and control system. The system operates with the Shivvers Link program, allowing for complete touch-screen control of grain drying operations, including remote emergency stop. The detailed information available through the system offers digital static pressure readout, optional ambient humidity and outdoor temperature. The Premier panel and system list for $15,000. Learn more at

Vacuum-cooling feature of mixed-flow grain dryer
The new Sukup Manufacturing mixed-flow grain dryer includes exclusive vacuum cooling accomplished in the bottom screened sections, with drying occurring in the top tiers of the dryer. This system recovers heat during the cooling process, making the dryers more fuel-efficient. The dryers are also equipped with a single conveyor unloading system that provides even heat throughout the column, so it is efficient and gentle on grain. You can learn more about these new dryers by going online at

Direct-gear-drive grain sweep cleans up
The new direct-gear-drive grain sweep auger from GSI has been completely redesigned, featuring new center and intermediate well designs, heavy-duty gearboxes, single-piece back-shield assembly and a newly designed end wheel. There are fewer moving parts, so the new sweeps are more reliable than ever. They are available in 8-inch or 10-inch models. The units are permanently installed and ready to start at the flip of a switch. You can learn more by going online to

Under-bin conveyor is easy to clean out
The new KSi 12UB and 16UB Underbin conveyors have patented drive and dual-drive configurations, with options of up to 200 feet. Available with a 12-inch or 16-inch belt, they include a completely enclosed belt return with accessible and removable cleanout pans. There is a reversing option with the enclosed cover, along with a deflector panel. Because the units are belt-driven, they are quieter and run more efficiently. You can learn more at

New safety gate for grain bins
Keeping safety first is what it's all about for the new self-closing, painted gates available from Greene Galvanized Stairs, East Lynn, Ill. These new heavy safety gates close on their own after passage, and include a lock-off option. Painted in bright yellow, they list for $250. Learn more at

Double-barrel drag conveyor
If you need to get grain from the dryer to the top of the bin and your existing system has moved its last bushel, here is an option to consider. Sudenga introduces a double-barrel drag conveyor that will meet that need. It uses a drag conveyor to move grain. The new conveyor is available in 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-inch diameters. Spokespersons say it’s also ideal to move grain from bin to bin. Contact Sudenga, George, Iowa, at  888-783-3642 or visit

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