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What a country! Two free meals at the Beef House in one day!

What a country! Two free meals at the Beef House in one day!
I could hardly believe my ears, and later my eyes and my taste buds!

If you've never eaten at the Beef House just off I-74 west of Covington, four miles from the Illinois border, you need to go. It's worth the trip. Consider it an adventure – not just going out to eat. And if you've eaten there and don't have it on your top five all-time best places to eat, then maybe you're not a real Hoosier, or a real farmer, or a real Hoosier farmer! Everything is tasty, the meats are juicy, and the rolls are to die for. Almost.

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Twice in one day: It's not every day that you get to eat at one of your favorite restaurants not once, but twice- and for free. Even I knew better than to turn down that offer! (Thinkstock/PavloK)

Recently my boss, Holly Spangler, editor of Prairie Farmer, inquired if I was going to the Bi-State meeting held there on Dec. 1. Once I saw the agenda, filled with production topics and an update on drones, I knew I should be there. The fact that it was at The Beef House was the tipping factor.

But why did she want to know? "Because I'm speaking there that night to a Farm Bureau group. You could be my guest," she said. Was she serious? Another free meal at the Beef House, probably arguably number one on my best restaurant list? Two free meals there in the same day? All I could say was "What a country!"

Naturally, I said yes. The morning and afternoon meeting were fruitful. You're reading the fruits of my labor from that meeting this week here on the web. The evening meeting turned out to be the Vermilion County Farm Bureau annual meeting. Even the folks on the Illinois side of the border know where to go to get excellent food! After talking to some of them, I think they primarily drive past every restaurant in their own state to get to the Beef House for the rolls!

The only loser in this deal was likely my waist line. I vowed I would skip dessert. But when they set a bowl of ice cream in front of you, what are you going to do? Eat it!

And it was even a different kind of ice cream from noon to evening. Both were scrumptious! What a country!

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