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10 things every farm family can be thankful for this Thanksgiving

10 things every farm family can be thankful for this Thanksgiving
Count your blessings one by one and they will likely be way more than 10!

Maybe your yields weren't what you wanted this year. Maybe total income isn't what you expected due to lower yields and lower prices. There are still plenty of reasons to be thankful before you sit down to eat thanksgiving dinner this week.

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Here are 10 reasons on my list. You may have your own list.

1. You farm in America! Freelancer Darrell Boone recently visited Jordan. Sheep are herded in the cities, and agriculture is nothing like it is here. He couldn't wait to get home.

Circa 1955: Amid the debris of a Thanksgiving meal two young boys chew on turkey legs. (Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images)

2. You have hospitals to go to when you are sick. Boone went to Jordan to help provide used but free wheelchairs to people, including kids, who needed them. You may pay more than you like but most of you can get the type of medical care you need when you need it. That's not true everywhere.

3. You can say a prayer before you eat if you want. Christians are being persecuted around the world. Be thankful that in America you can still pray before you eat your Thanksgiving meal.

4. You likely didn't have to milk cows by hand this morning. Your forefathers did, at least mine did. My dad milked by hand before he went to school. I milked with milking machines before I went to school. Maybe you still milk, but many of you don't. Many no longer have the backbreaking type of jobs to do to farm. Count it as a blessing.

5. Urban comforts in a rural setting. If you don't have satellite or cable TV, it's likely by choice. It's available in most of Indiana if you want it. Whether it's good to have it is a different story. But the fact is, you have technology today much like city dwellers that your forefathers couldn't even dream about.

6. Your house will be warm and toasty, no matter what it's like outside. "The horse knows the way to grandma's house" of the old days meant you were riding outside. Be careful what you wish for before you think that was the 'good ole' days.'

7. Wholesome food at a reasonable price. Even if you thought you paid too much for eggs to make noodles this year, you didn't. Ask people in other countries what it's like to have a store where you can buy fresh eggs. You may no longer raise chickens yourself, but another farmer, a poultry farmer, does it for you.

8. Freedom to choose the food you want. If you wanted a locally grown turkey, you could probably find one. If you wanted to serve only organic food, you could find that too. I will stick with non-organic food myself, but that's my choice, and that's one of the things to be thankful for – the freedom to choose.

9. Friends and family to eat with you. If you've got extended family and you're together today, on Thanksgiving Day especially, you're blessed. By plane or car or train, you can bring in friends or relatives even from across the country.

10. Family! It may be 10 here, but it's number one. You may think your kids don't get good enough grades, or drive too fast, or stay out too late, but if you have taught them the ethics and morals of a farm family, you don't know how blessed you are!

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