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Coaching Kids and Judging Soils Brings Me Back to My Roots

Coaching Kids and Judging Soils Brings Me Back to My Roots
What could be better than a beautiful evening checking out nature?

I was standing alone in a hole dug four feet deep so the kid I coach in soils judging could evaluate what properties the soil possesses. It was a bright, sunny, late-summer Sunday evening. I was in the middle of a hay field. In fact a farmer was baling hay that very afternoon not more than 200 yards away.

Kids were scurrying around, using slope charts to check the slope of the land and color charts to evaluate colors. They would determine how it could best be used for agriculture, and how it could best be used as a possible home site.

A scene from soil judging a few years back.

That is my version of nirvana. I’m sure you have your own. The smell of hay and a soils pit where I can see how God’s nature formed soils thousands of years ago – what could be better? It’s about as good as it gets for me.

It was a welcome relief from watching stories about beheadings on TV and listening to politicians, none of which, or nearly none, in my cynical nature, I believe are really telling the truth. And it was a relief from football, which doesn’t seem to be about football anymore.

It brought me back to an earlier time when I was younger, and the world seemed simpler. I went back to when we raised hay while I was a teenager, and we milked cows. Yes, I lived through the ‘60s. Bad things happened then too, and politicians lied, although maybe not as often as they do today.

Even with 15 junior high and high school kids running loose around me, hopefully learning a thing or two about soils, being there was refreshing. I had the past, memories; the present, a beautiful scene on a farm in the middle of what God created; and the future, the kids I was attempting to help.

Soil judging is about more than soils. It’s about training your senses, using decision-making skills and learning responsibility. All those will be traits today’s kids need in the future.

Whatever your nirvana is, find it and spend some time there. It’s a refreshing place to visit in the midst of an ever-changing, ever more volatile world.

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