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NK Seeds and Terral announce new soybean varieties for 2008

NK Syngenta Seeds and Terral Seed Co., have announced new soybean varieties for the 2008 season. In addition, Terral Seed has released four new corn hybrids. The descriptions of these varieties and hybrids are provided by the seed companies.

NK Syngenta Seeds

S36-B6 — Delivers excellent yield potential in non-SCN fields, very good emergence and standability in all row widths and tillage systems. This mid-Group III, NK brand soybean has good iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance for its maturity and excellent stem canker protection. This variety should be managed in SDS environments.

S39-A3 — A maturity Group 3.9 which has shown high yield potential across a wide range of environments. Excellent stress tolerance and a strong disease package including SCN protection, PRR field tolerance and strong SDS resistance.

S45-E5 — Combines stable yields with a strong trait package. This mid-Group IV delivers excellent tolerance to stem canker and high pH soils. S45-E5 has excellent protection against Phytophthora root rot with the Rps1k gene. It also has very good yield potential with SCN protection in central and eastern environments.

S46-U6 — A high yielder with excellent SCN protection and very good tolerance to frogeye leaf spot. This mid-Group IV variety is well adapted to all row widths and tillage systems and is an excellent choice for double cropping. It is an especially strong performer in the Mid-South Delta region and the Southeast. It should be managed in SDS environments.

S49-H7 — Has good tolerance to SDS and resistance to stem canker and SCN Race 3. This late-Group IV soybean offers very good tolerance to Phytophthora root rot and good tolerance on high pH soils. Excellent emergence, standability and stress tolerance.

S52-F2 — A high-performing early-Group V variety that delivers excellent yields across many environments. Disease package includes protection from SCN, frogeye leaf spot, stem canker and Southern root knot protection and solid SDS tolerance. Has excellent emergence and stress tolerance for soil type flexibility.

S49-W6 — A Roundup Ready soybean, maturity Group 4.9. Agronomic package includes excellent emergence, stress tolerance, standability and shatter resistance. Good resistance to stem canker and frogeye leaf spot.

S59-B8 — A Roundup Ready soybean, maturity Group 5.8. High yield potential with resistance to SCN, southern root knot nematode and frogeye leaf spot. Good field tolerance to stem canker and PRR. Salt excluder soybean.

S61-Q2 — A Roundup Ready soybean, maturity Group 6.1. Well-adapted for the Southeast. Protects against SCN, southern root knot, stem canker, SDS, frogeye leafspot and PRR. Salt excluder soybean.

Terral Seed Co.

Terral Seed is releasing 4 new Group IV soybean varieties in 2008. These new varieties offer great performance in the mid to late-Group IV maturity range.

TV45R18 — A 4.5 maturity release with exceptional yield potential and a significant genetic gain over TV45R14. Great yield consistency. Outstanding disease resistance. Great dry down.

TV47R17 — A 4.7 maturity release with high yield potential and highly adapted to clay and loam soils. Works well in all row spacings and is widely adapted.

TV47R18 — A 4.7 maturity release with very high yield potential. Along with significant genetic gain over TV46R15, it has great yield consistency and standability in cotton soils as well as clay.

TV49R17 — A 4.9 maturity release with great yield consistency and superior southern adaptation. Highly adapted to clay soils. Resists lodging.

New corn hybrids from Terral

For 2008, Terral Seed is introducing one new RR2 corn hybrid, a new RR2/YGCB hybrid and a new YieldGard VT Triple, a new corn rootworm technology.

TV24R83 — A 112-114 day Roundup Ready hybrid which will be available in limited quantities. This earlier maturing Roundup Ready product allows producers to spread out their harvest while maintaining yield potential.

TV25BR71 — A 115-117 day RR2/YGCB hybrid. TV25BR71 has excellent roots and stalks with deep kernels on a pencil thin cob with excellent tip fill.

TV26TR41 — A 115-117 day YieldGard VT Triple hybrid. 26TR41 comes from the proven hybrid 26BR41 with the newest rootworm technology to provide a wide spectrum of insect control and increased drought tolerance in rootworm infested areas.

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