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NK Brand Seeds offers CruiserMaxx Pak seed treatment

NK BRAND SEEDS has announced the availability of the newly registered soybean seed treatment, CruiserMaxx Pak, on all varieties of NK Brand soybeans for the 2005 growing season. CruiserMaxx Pak protects soybeans against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases.

“Treating NK Brand soybeans with CruiserMaxx Pak combines proven, high-yielding genetics with convenient, effective protection right from the start,” said Mark Schmidt, soybean product manager for NK Brand Seeds. “CruiserMaxx Pak offers breakthrough activity that will change and improve soybean production, and the insecticide/fungicide combination will help growers boost their soybean yield and profit potential.

Developed by Syngenta, CruiserMaxx Pak is a commercially applied promotional combination of two separately registered products, Cruiser insecticide and ApronMaxx brand fungicide. It protects the seed from insects, such as bean leaf beetle and soybean aphid, and all major seed-borne and soilborne diseases, including Pythium, Phytopthora and Rhizoctonia. CruiserMaxx Pak can reduce the incidence and severity of the bean pod mottle virus, which is transmitted by bean leaf beetle feeding.

NK Brand soybeans treated with the new seed treatment will be available in bags, Convenience Paks and Q-Bit containers through local NK Brand dealers.

Many authorized NK Brand dealers with seed treatment equipment will also be offering CruiserMaxx Pak as an on-site treatment option.

For more information, contact a local NK Brand dealer or field sales representative or visit on the Internet.

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