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Farm Industry News presents FinOvation Awards at NFMS

Farm Industry News presents FinOvation Awards at NFMS

Hundreds of new agricultural products appear in Farm Industry News magazine and on each year. Each year, based on reader interest, Farm Industry News chooses several innovative products to receive its coveted FinOvation Awards. The awards are given to a range of products designed to help corn and soybean farmers make their operations more productive and profitable. FinOvation Award winners are recognized during an invitation-only banquet during the National Farm Machinery Show, and eye-catching banners in company booths help showcase the cutting-edge products.

“What makes this a popular contest is that it is determined by the readers,” explains Farm Industry News Editor Karen McMahon. “We look at online readership in addition to gauging the number of readers who ask for more information about specific products that they have seen in the pages of our magazine. A panel of farmers, known as Team FIN, also expresses their product preferences. It really shows us what farmers think are the most innovative products published in our magazine. Over the years the awards have been a springboard for launching new products for some companies.”

For the first time in FinOvation history, Farm Industry News readers have been invited to select their top three favorite products out of all 22 products that received the award in 2012. You can cast your vote for the winner here. Based on the voting results, the very first Product of the Year winner will be announced at the National Farm Machinery Show. 

The FinOvation Award winners are prominently featured at the National Farm Machinery Show. Be on the lookout as you wander through the show. Each company that earned a FinOvation Award receives a banner to display in its booth.

The 2012 FinOvation Award winners, and the product category for which each one received its award, are listed below. Visit the company booths at the National Farm Machinery Show or the company websites to learn more about the winning products.


Corn Seed Trait — Monsanto Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete

Monsanto’s much-awaited refuge-in-a-bag (RIB) technology was approved last spring and offered in limited quantities for production. This year a full-scale launch is under way. Called Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete, the product is a blend of 95% SmartStax seed and 5% non-insect-traited corn seed. It offers both above- and belowground insect protection in a single-bag refuge product. Growers using this new product will not need to plant a separate refuge for above- or belowground pests in the Corn Belt. For more information, visit

Corn Seed Trait — Dow Refuge Advanced

Dow AgroSciences’ refuge-in-a-bag (RIB) product called Refuge Advanced is powered by SmartStax. The product was planted on a limited number of acres last spring after it received EPA approval in early April. Refuge Advanced is a blend of 95% SmartStax corn seed and 5% refuge (non-Bt) seed that farmers can plant across an entire field. This means farmers who plant Refuge Advanced products no longer need to plant a separate, structured refuge for above- or belowground pests in the Corn Belt. Refuge Advanced will be fully distributed this year through Dow AgroSciences seed brands. For more information, visit

Soybean Seed Trait — Pioneer Hi-Bred Plenish

Pioneer Hi-Bred’s new high-oleic-oil soybeans called Plenish are expected to hit the market in 2012, following regulatory approvals. The soybeans contain more than 75% oleic content, the highest of any soy product to provide high-heat stability for frying. The new soybean also has 20% less saturated fat, making it healthier for consumers. For more information, visit

Crop Protection — Dow AgroScience's Enlist Weed Control System

Dow is rolling out an ambitious, multipronged crop protection program called Enlist Weed Control System to help handle increasing weed-resistance problems. Enlist includes a new formulation herbicide called Enlist Duo that includes 2,4-D and FOP herbicides. Enlist Duo will be used over the top of a new 2, 4-D-tolerant seed trait that is coupled with glyphosate tolerance. For more information, visit

Alternative Energy — Syngenta Enogen Corn

Syngenta received approval for commercialization of its Enogen hybrids for ethanol production. The line is bioengineered to more efficiently convert corn into ethanol. The Enogen grain itself produces the alpha amylase enzyme. As a result, ethanol producers using Enogen grain do not need to add a liquid enzyme to transform starches to sugars, which lowers production costs. Syngenta estimates the savings for a plant producing 100 million gallons of ethanol is $10 million. Plus, less water, electricity and natural gas are used for the ethanol process. Syngenta is carefully controlling the distribution of the new hybrids to ensure the grain is sold only to ethanol plants. For more information, visit

Fungicide — BASF Xemium

A unique name and a unique mobility feature piqued interest in BASF’s next-generation fungicide called Xemium. The new active ingredient in Xemium will travel systemically and will completely cover a leaf. As a result, the product offers strong preventive and curative properties against a wide spectrum of fungi. Xemium is derived from the carboxamide class of chemistry. BASF says the carboxamide molecule has been improved so Xemium performs better than previous products. The new fungicide should be on the market this year pending regulatory approval. For more information, visit

Combine Header — Geringhoff Folding Header

The 20-in.-row, 24-row Geringhoff Northstar 2420 folding header is the widest folding combine head in the United States. The operator needs only to push a button in the cab to fold or unfold the header. The combine head features Geringhoff’s knife-to-knife technology for cutting. Aemsco, a North Dakota-based company, is distributing it for Geringhoff in the U.S. For more information, visit or contact Geringhoff/Aemsco at 701/852-1876.

Autonomous Vehicle — John Deere Machine Sync

The automated unloading system called Machine Sync introduced by John Deere last summer is the first official product to come to the market with autonomous technology. While other companies have shown experimental robotic equipment, Deere’s will be the first to come to the market this year. Machine Sync basically allows a combine to take control of the tractor and grain cart for automated grain unloading. The system uses a wireless communications field to control up to 10 vehicles. When a grain tank is almost full, the combine operator sends a ready-to-unload request to the tractors in the network. The next available tractor enters the zone and the combine takes control of it. For more information, visit

Combine — John Deere S-Series Combines

The John Deere S-Series features five combine models ranging from a 271-hp Class 5 machine to a 543-hp Class 9 model. These combines replace the 70 Series launched in 2007. A new cab includes 30% more space for greater comfort, along with more glass for better visibility. The controls are similar to those in other Deere equipment. In the threshing area, a new cleaning system has been added for 33% more capacity. A secondary processor called the Variable Stream rotor improves straw quality for baling, and a front chaffer extension adds more cleaning area for higher crop flow. For more information, visit

Precision Navigation — Trimble RTX

The new CenterPoint RTX service from Trimble is a big step toward more accurate GPS service. Trimble announced the new high-accuracy GPS service option after the company purchased the OmniStar correction service last year. RTX uses both GPS and GLONASS satellites to cover 1.8 billion acres in the midsection of North America. And because the new service uses satellite and not land-based radio or cellular networks, Trimble’s equipment, such as the FmX and DFX-750 monitors, do not need radio or cellular modems. The system offers repeatable accuracy of 1.5 in. For more information, visit

Variable Rate Applicator — Raven OmniRow System

Raven’s new OmniRow planter control system varies seeding rates, automatically turns rows off or on, and provides speed compensation around curves. The hydraulic motor was built specially for Raven. Motors are small enough to be mounted to drive a single row, yet will power up to four rows. OmniRow is available for most John Deere and Kinze planters. Kits should be available soon for Case IH and White planters. For more information, visit

Planter — AGCO White Planter

A new 90-ft. White planter with tracks took center stage at AGCO’s largest product launch, held last summer. The White 8936 large-frame planter has 36 30-in. rows and is mounted on a 90-ft.-wide frame. Each section of the two-section wings flexes up to 42° on each half of the planter, which allows it to hug field contours. Mounted on top are two 75-bu. seed tanks. Two 750-gal. liquid fertilizer tanks also may be added. The planter is the first in the planter industry to be factory-equipped with tracks. Two 30- x 67-in. rubber tracks carry the planter. For more information, visit

Seed Treatment — Bayer CropScience On-Demand System

The new On-Demand seed treatment system from Bayer CropScience ends the hand mixing that local retailers must do for treating some seed. On-Demand replicates the seed treatment capabilities of large systems used by seed companies but on a small scale for retail outlets. On-Demand is computerized and completely closed with no open chemical containers. Retailers can use the new system to quickly treat seed such as soybeans with inoculants right before delivery to a customer. Because the system is computerized and all recipes for treatments are loaded into the system, error is reduced. Plus, On-Demand has an atomizer for precise application of the treatment. For more information, visit

Sprayer — New Holland Sprayer

New Holland introduced two lines of Guardian self-propelled sprayers that are manufactured by Miller-St. Nazianz. The front-boom line with four models features four-wheel hydrostatic drive, a cab designed for comfort and efficiency, engine sizes up to 365 hp, tank sizes of 1,000 to 1,600 gal., and boom widths of 90 to 120 ft. The two rear-boom sprayer models have two-wheel mechanical drive, 240- or 275-hp engines, 1,000- or 1,200-gal. tanks, and 90- to 120-ft. booms. For more information, visit

Fertilizer Applicator — Case IH Nutri-Placer 940

Fertilizer applicators are of high interest to growers, and the Case IH Nutri-Placer 940 drew lots of attention from Farm Industry News readers. The new anhydrous applicator is the widest in the industry at 65 ft. Its heavy-duty frame with staggered coulters and row units is supported by 14 wheels. The 60-ft. applicator has 12 wheels. Large flotation wheels on a walking tandem support the mainframe for field and transport. The applicator features a five-section field flex and seven-section fold frame for handling ground contours and easy folding and unfolding. For more information, visit

Grain Handling — Balzer 2,000-bu. Grain Cart

The high-capacity grain cart from Balzer with 2,000-bu. capacity matches the growing size of combines and grain trailers. The Field Floater cart unloads 1,090 bu. in one minute with a 24-in. auger and bidirectional spout. Other features of the cart include weigh scales with in-cab monitors, and joystick controls for the cart that are also located in the cab. The 2,000-bu. cart is equipped with triple steerable axles. Smaller carts with 1,325- and 1,550-bu. capacities are available and may be purchased with tandem or triple undercarriages. For more information, visit

High-horsepower 4-wd Tractor — Deere 9R/9RT Series

John Deere launched a new 9 Series 4-wd tractor that is engineered for large-acreage producers. The new series extends Deere’s horsepower reach up to 560 hp with its largest model, the 9560 RT. The line, which replaces the 9030 Series introduced in 2007, includes five models with wheels and three with tracks. The new 9 Series features an efficiency manager component on the powershift transmission to lock in the most fuel-efficient setting for driving. It also features a new Command View II cab with more glass area and storage than previous cabs. This cab was first used in the 8R Series row-crop tractors introduced in 2009. For more information, visit

Utility Tractor — Case IH Farmall C

The three Farmall C models Case IH introduced last winter with PTO horsepower ranging from 65 to 85 were popular with Farm Industry News readers. These powerful utility tractors are equipped with the FPT Case IH 4-cyl., 3.2-liter, turbocharged engine and an 8x8 mechanical shuttle transmission. The C Series is equipped with a new cab and new ergonomically designed controls. For more information, visit

Row-Crop Tractor — Versatile 305

Versatile earned the top spot in the row-crop tractor category for its 305 model. The Versatile 305 tractor is powered by a Cummins QSC 8.3-liter engine and 16-speed powershift transmission. Hydraulic specs are standard 30-gpm pump flow and optional 55-gpm flow, plus three remote valves standard and four optional. The hitch lift capacity is 15,000 lbs. The new model features a heavy-duty drawbar designed to handle large grain wagons and an optional dual-speed PTO to power a wider range of implements. The cab includes an ergonomically designed console, straightforward dash and air-ride seat. For more information, visit

Skid-steer Loader — New Holland Skid-steer Loaders

New Holland Construction wowed the crowds at last year’s National Farm Machinery Show with its skid-steer and compact track loaders. The line includes seven skid-steer models and three new compact track loader models. The company based the redesign on input from operators in the field. The loaders feature easy serviceability, machine stability and comfort in the cab. A Super Boom offers more forward dump height and reach and a preset location during a lift cycle. For more information, visit

Hay Equipment — Hesston by Massey Ferguson WR9700 Windrower

A new line of self-propelled windrowers from Hesston by Massey Ferguson is geared to the large-scale hay producer. The new WR9700 Series features a new C100 monitor that controls nearly every aspect of the windrower, including electronic control of the hydraulics. It is equipped with the fuel-efficient, Interim Tier 4 engine, a V-Cool system that maintains optimal engine temperatures, a GlideRider rear-axle suspension system and optional semi-active air-suspension seat. For more information, visit

Tillage — Gates Magnum Coulter Disk

The heavy trash left behind from the new biotech hybrids has created a demand for tillage equipment. The new Magnum Coulter Disk is available in 32- and 40-ft. widths. It features two gangs of 20-in.-dia. curved blades, 3-in. notched boom blades, or 20-in. blades on 6-in. spacing. The angle on the gang may be adjusted on the go from 0° to 15°. The disk is equipped with a floating hitch and requires 5 to 9 hp/ft. to pull. For more information, visit









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