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Farmers provide insight at New York Farm Show.

Chris Torres, Editor, American Agriculturist

March 8, 2022

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GOALS AND PLANS: Hopefully, you have a goal to make money this coming growing season. Whatever your goal is, having a plan is crucial. Panuwat Dangsungnoen/Getty Images

With everything from fuel, fertilizer and seeds — and everything in between — going up in price, it’s no surprise that farmers will be making changes to how they do business this year.

That was confirmed when we asked people participating in this year’s farmer poll at New York Farm Show if rising input costs were forcing them to make changes to their farm or ag operation. An overwhelming number of poll participants voted “yes” to the question.

Of course, everybody’s needs and goals vary greatly. We asked people taking our poll what their needs and goals were for this year. Here are some answers we got:

  • Mark Schrom of Amenia, N.Y., wrote, “My biggest need is to get more people to realize what farmers are good for and let us use their land.” His goal? “My biggest goal is to expand and try to make our business bigger and more efficient.”

  • Jonathan Miedema of Sherburne, N.Y., wrote that he needs a new disk, bin and tractor. On his farm goals for 2022, he wrote that he wants to “make a good living for my family while having time to be with them.”

  • Brian Getty of Granville, N.Y., is struggling with labor, so his biggest need is buying some robots for the dairy. His goal? “Purchase out my partners, and help our son become the eighth generation.”

  • Alisha Kennell of Lowville, N.Y., wrote that her biggest farm business need is insurance. What’s her goal for this year? “Breakeven, grow.”

  • Karen Tripp of Little Genessee, N.Y., wrote that she needs “less regulations” for her business to grow.

  • Gerald Reynolds of Interlaken, N.Y., wrote that his biggest need is a new farm shop. His goal is simple: “Make money.”

  • Bill Moody of Hamden, N.Y., wrote that he needs a better market for dairy, but he plans to retire at the end of this year.

  • Alissa Krum of Liberty, N.Y, wrote that she needs lower fuel costs this year. What’s her goal, in one sentence? “Inspire my children.”

  • Jed Wall of Rodman, N.Y., wrote that his goal is to “add on more beef and goats, and some pigs.”

  • Ed Honrath of Afton, N.Y, wrote that he needs pasture fences, because his goal is to “expand the cattle herd.”

  • Jerry DeJoy of Jefferson, N.Y., wrote that he needs beef prices to go up.

  • Tina Sauder of Manheim, Pa., has a solid goal for this year: “Marketing direct to consumers.”

So what are your biggest farm needs and goals for 2022? Email [email protected].

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Chris Torres

Editor, American Agriculturist

Chris Torres, editor of American Agriculturist, previously worked at Lancaster Farming, where he started in 2006 as a staff writer and later became regional editor. Torres is a seven-time winner of the Keystone Press Awards, handed out by the Pennsylvania Press Association, and he is a Pennsylvania State University graduate.

Torres says he wants American Agriculturist to be farmers' "go-to product, continuing the legacy and high standard (former American Agriculturist editor) John Vogel has set." Torres succeeds Vogel, who retired after 47 years with Farm Progress and its related publications.

"The news business is a challenging job," Torres says. "It makes you think outside your small box, and you have to formulate what the reader wants to see from the overall product. It's rewarding to see a nice product in the end."

Torres' family is based in Lebanon County, Pa. His wife grew up on a small farm in Berks County, Pa., where they raised corn, soybeans, feeder cattle and more. Torres and his wife are parents to three young boys.

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