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New varieties/hybrids announced for 2006

Several cotton, corn and soybean companies have announced new Mid-South releases for the 2006 season. Descriptions are provided by the seed companies.

Stoneville cotton

Stoneville has released its cotton product lineup for 2006. According to Kyle Maple, U.S. cotton marketing manager for Monsanto, the new Stoneville varieties will offer high yield potential and excellent fiber quality.”

Some of the new Stoneville varieties will be stacked with both Bollgard II, offering broad-spectrum worm control, and Roundup Ready Flex cotton technology, providing a wider window of effective weed control. According to Monsanto, Roundup Ready Flex, which is being introduced for 2006, provides growers with excellent crop safety for over-the-top application of Roundup agricultural herbicides labeled for use past the four-leaf stage of growth.

ST 4357B2RF is an early- to mid-maturity picker variety that offers the advantages of Bollgard II and Roundup Ready Flex. This smooth leaf variety has the potential for outstanding yields and has a great fiber package.

ST 4554B2RF is an early-to-mid maturity picker product that offers growers exceptional yield potential, excellent fiber quality and broad adaptation. It stacks the Bollgard II technology to protect more bolls, with the weed control and application advantages of the new Roundup Ready Flex cotton system.

ST 4664RF is an early-to-mid maturity picker product that offers growers exceptional yield potential, excellent fiber quality and broad adaptation, along with the simple and economical weed control of the new Roundup Ready Flex cotton system.

ST 4700B2RF is an early- to mid-maturity Bollgard II with Roundup Ready Flex picker variety. It offers great yield potential and premium quality fiber.

ST 5007B2RF is a medium maturity picker variety with an outstanding fiber package. It combines the potential for excellent yields with Bollgard II with Roundup Ready Flex

ST 6611B2RF is a full-season Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex picker product with premium fiber quality. It offers exceptional yield potential, smooth leaf and excellent early-season vigor.

ST 6622RF is a new, full-season Roundup Ready Flex picker product that offers premium fiber quality, smooth leaf, exceptional yield potential, and excellent early-season vigor.

According to Monsanto, Roundup Ready Flex cotton has full regulatory clearance in the United States, but as of Oct. 24, 2005 does not have full import approval in all export markets.Processed fractions from Roundup Ready Flex cotton, including linters, oil, meal, cottonseed and gin trash, must be used and consumed domestically, and must not be exported without all necessary approvals in the importing country.

The company notes that growers should be sure that the glyphosate product used over Roundup Ready Flex cotton has been tested for that use so as to reduce the risk of leaf damage.

Garst soybeans

Garst is releasing three new soybean varieties for the Mid-South in 2006.

3960RR/N is a late-Group 3 Roundup Ready variety with Rps1c resistance to phytopthora root rot, R3 and MR 14 resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and good field tolerance to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). This variety is a medium-tall, medium bushy plant type and is adaptable to wide rows.

4999RR/N is a late-Group 4 Roundup Ready variety with excellent yield stability across many environments. This tall, moderately bushy plant type variety has a strong disease package with R3 and MR14 SCN resistance and very good protection against frogeye, stem canker and SDS.

5656RR/STS/N is a high yielding mid-Group 5 Roundup Ready/STS variety. It has good resistance to SCN race 3, moderate resistance to SDS and good field tolerance to stem canker.

Delta Grow soybeans

Delta Grow Seed will offer eight new soybean varieties for 2006. All are Roundup Ready varieties.

Delta Grow 4150RR is an early Group 4 that works well on sand loam soils. Good eye appeal. Excellent yields in Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. Has excellent disease package.

Delta Grow 4250RR is an early Group 4. Tall with brown pod. It is resistant to stem canker and phytopthora. Works well in all soils.

Delta Grow 4460RR is a mid-Group 4 with excellent plant height. Works very well on all soils; Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana. Excellent disease package — frogeye, SDS and phytopthora. Brown pod. Great-looking bean. Terrific yields in Mississippi in 2005, 59.8 bushels per acre in seven locations.

Delta Grow 4660RR is a mid-Group 4 that has shown excellent yields of around 60 bushels per acre in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Excellent disease package for stem canker and SDS. Tops trials for 4.6 maturity. Field proven.

Delta Grow 4970RR is a top yielding bean with a great disease package — SDS, SCN, frogeye and stem canker. Excellent on all soils and in all situations. Can be drilled or on 38-inch rows. Top out at 70 bushels per acre.

Delta Grow 4840RR is a late Group 4 with resistance to root knot nematode. High yields on all soils. Top of trials in the Mid-South.

Delta Grow 5560RR is a mid-Group 5 with an excellent disease package (phytopthora) and high yield potential.

Delta Grow 5830RR is a mid- to late-Group 5. Outyields Delta Grow 5960RR by 2 bushels per acre with the same disease characteristics. Comes off early. Excellent double-crop bean.

Terral soybeans

Terral is releasing three new Group 4 soybean varieties. From Terral researcher Donnie Glover. His breeding objective was to attain good plant height for clay soils, tolerance to green stem and overall disease resistance to allow the varieties to perform to their genetic potential.

TV45R14 is a 4.5 maturity release with exceptional yield potential, excellent adaptation to southern clay soils and flood irrigation. Characterized by quick emergence, rapid early growth and bushy canopy that cover 30-inch rows or less. Rated 9 against stem canker and SDS and 8 against frogeye leaf spot. Adapted for late March through early May planting. Excellent supplies for 2006.

TV46R15 is a 4.6 maturity variety with dominant resistance to stem canker. Superior yields across multiple environments. Very tolerant to flood irrigation and demonstrates excellent performance in clay soils. Rapid spring growth and bushy plant type canopies quickly. Excellent supplies for 2006.

TV48R14 is a 4.8 maturity variety with very broad adaptation. It has shown excellent yield performance across all soil types, with the best performance found on 30-inch rows or less. Provides risk protection against shattering and lodging. This red-podded variety also has excellent resistance to stem canker and frogeye leaf spot. Excellent supplies for 2006.

Terral corn hybrids

Terral is introducing one new Roundup Ready hybrid and two new Roundup Ready/ YieldGard Corn Borer hybrids. The two new stacked hybrids are excellent complements to our market leaders 25BR23 and 26BR10n.

TV25R31 is a 113-115 day relative maturity, Roundup Ready hybrid representing the next generation of yield performance in Roundup Ready corn. It produces a protected semi-flex ear that responds well to irrigation. Wide, broad leaves help conserve moisture, reduce weed pressure and make 25R31 an excellent wider row choice. Medium high ear placement is well supported by very good stalk and root strength. 25R31 has very good ratings against northern and southern leaf blight, as well as against southern and common rust. Very good supplies for 2006.

TV26BR41 is a 114-116 day relative maturity, Roundup Ready/YieldGard Corn Borer hybrid targeted for high-yield production environment. Plant on cotton ground under irrigation with plenty of fertility for best results. Is a semi-flex ear type with a loose shuck that covers the ear and tip very well. Medium hard kernels produce very good test weight grain. It is an erect leaf type with strong roots and stalk. These characteristics, along with medium plant height, make it well suited to a narrower row. Supplies are very good for 2006.

TV26BR61 is a 114-116 day relative maturity, Roundup Ready/YieldGard Corn Borer hybrid. It is a tall, aggressive, robust plant that exhibits excellent stress tolerance. Has a semi-flex ear with excellent shuck coverage. Defensively, it shows excellent resistance to northern and southern leaf blight, as well as a high tolerance to southern and common rust. A superior choice in a cotton rotation. Limited 2006 availability.

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