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New tractors combine strength, style

Boomer utility tractors are more efficient than competitive-brand tractors. The sleeveless parent bore engine design features a deep skirt and ribbed block for added strength and durability. And the unique Omega-shaped bowl at the top of each piston helps to thoroughly mix air and fuel, producing more horsepower per gallon of fuel and turning more of their gross engine horsepower into usable power at the PTO and drawbar.

Forward-to-reverse shifting is a breeze, making these utility tractors ideal for cutting down on work time when doing loader work, blade work and mowing. The standard 12-x-12 Synchro Shuttle Shift transmission allows the operator to shift from forward to reverse without coming to a complete stop.

A 12-x-12 Electro-Hydraulic Shuttle Shift transmission is optional on the larger TC55DA (4WD only). This clutchless shuttle allows the operator to shuttle between forward and reverse without clutching and provides a wide range of speeds for increased productivity. Both transmissions provide more speed than competitive 8-x-4 transmissions and both provide a convenient left-hand shuttle lever.

When the going gets tough, simply step on the differential lock foot pedal and both rear wheels lock together for added traction. Dependable 2WD axles are standard. For added drawbar pull and better fuel efficiency, 4WD is optional.

Boomer utility tractors have ample hydraulic flow to power implements. A dedicated gear pump provides a generous flow of 12.03 gallons per minute on the TC48DA and 11.60 gpm on the TC55DA, while a separate 5.52-gpm pump supplies power for hydrostatic power steering.

The hydraulic draft and position control levers, located on the right fender control pod, and the flow control valve adjustment, located under the front part of the seat platform, provide the operator with instant response and fingertip control.

There’s plenty of lifting power at the three-point hitch. (SAE rated at 3,659 pounds of lift at 24 inches behind the lift balls.)

Standard flexible link ends, telescoping stabilizers and swinging drawbar make implement hookup fast and easy.

The 18LA front-end loader, designed specifically for the new Boomer utility tractors, features a unique curved boom design that provides superior reach and lift capacity. With a 2,500-pound lift capacity at the pivot pins, it can move big loads of mulch, gravel, snow, dirt or hay fast. With a 2,213-pound lift capacity at 550-mm forward and a loading height of 59 inches, the 18LA can easily load a one-ton pallet onto a flatbed truck.

The 18LA loader can be removed as needed without tools. The Quick-Latch system allows the operator to unlatch the loader from the tractor seat and simply back away. A skid-steer style quick-attach plate is available for easy mounting of a variety of loader attachments.

Like all New Holland Boomer tractors, these new utility models are stylish, yet functional. A sloped, sleek hood provides superb visibility. Dual beam halogen headlights with corner work lights provide plenty of illumination for nighttime jobs.

The operator’s station is comfortable and convenient. A wide-open platform with a padded, anti-skid deck offers a comfortable, spacious and safe working environment. The steering wheel infinitely tilts and telescopes to fit a variety of operators comfortably, and the seat slides back and forth on an incline/decline plane to give tall operators the legroom they need, while placing shorter operators closer to the pedals. Conveniently placed controls are color-coded and easy to reach.

Boomer utility tractors are easy to service and maintain. All routine maintenance points are located on the right side of the engine. Engine oil level can be checked without raising the hood and without removing the loader. For complete access to the engine, simply lift the hood.

Under most normal operating conditions, the standard 13.5-gallon fuel tank provides for five to seven hours of operation for extended use between fill-ups.

New Holland is a brand of CNH, a world leader in agricultural, utility and construction equipment. New Holland sells and services an innovative and diverse line of agricultural equipment, including a full line of tractors as well as hay and forage equipment, harvesting, crop production and material handling equipment.

For more information on New Holland Boomer utility tractors, see your local New Holland dealer or visit the New Holland website at


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