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New tool cut fall work

Speed up tillage and harvest operations with new equipment


Bed builder Get the hardpan-shattering action of ripper-bedders with the bed-building features of disc bedders, all in one pass, with Unverferth's new BDR 3600 bed-building implement. Angle-adjustable front-disc gangs lead the implement through the field and feature 24-in. notched blades that cut heavy crop residue and plant roots while breaking up the soil. Following the front gangs are three in-furrow, depth-adjustable parabolic subsoil shanks that shatter hardpan from 8 to 16 in. Next are three in-bed shanks with hard-faced reversible points to ensure total bed tillage. They are followed by a second row of disc gangs equipped with heavy-duty, 24-in. solid blades whose angle and pitch can be adjusted to fine-tune soil conditioning and bed forming. Finally, four 10-in. furrowing shovels that are pitch- and depth-adjustable provide final bed-building touches. Available in 3-row, 60- or 66-in. models. Suggested list price: 18,500. Contact Unverferth Mfg. Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 800/322-6301.

Chisel plows Break up shallow compaction, manage residue and level fields with two new chisel plows from Case IH. The 6700 coulter chisel plow is designed for light to moderate residue and compaction conditions. Its chisel shanks fracture soils and mix residue to create good soil tilth. Suggested list price: $9,782 for the 7-shank model to $17,862 for the 13-shank model.

The 6750 parabolic chisel plow uses deep tillage parabolic shanks mounted on the rear bar to shatter deep compaction. They operate 4 in. deeper than the chisel shanks on the front two ranks. Suggested list price: $10,239 for the 7-shank model to $18,620 for the 13-shank model.

The frames of both these models are constructed of 4- x 6-in. metal tubing for added strength. The plows are available in 7-, 9-, 11- and 13-shank models with working widths from 8 ft. 9 in. to 16 ft. 3 in. Choose from a variety of chisel points, coulter options and disc attachments, including a Hydraulic Disk Level'r that berms soil over the shank furrow after tillage. Contact Case IH, Dept. FIN, 700 State St., Racine WI 53404, 262/636-6011.


V-rakes and tedders Rake two windrows at once or gather tedded or mown crop into a windrow with Worksaver's new carted-style V-rakes. The raking wheels are mounted on oscillating arms to allow the rakes to follow almost any ground contour and be used in most terrain. A hydraulic lift system lets you lift the rakes into transport position from the tractor seat.

Choose between two models: the WR-8 with eight raking wheels and a 20-ft. working width, and the WR-10SE with 10 raking wheels and a 23-ft. working width. Both come with 195-70/15 tires. Suggested list price: $2,800 to $3,300.

Also new from Worksaver are pull-type rotary tedders, designed to evenly spread, gently turn and air all types of mown crops to speed drydown and harvest. The rotary tedders, which the company claims work in almost any terrain, feature tines that pick upa small quantity of crop with every turn of the rotor and lay it gently on the ground, reducing crop damage and dirt collection.

The tedders are available in three models. Model RT-210 has a 10-ft. working width, an 8-ft. 9-in. transport width, and two rotors, each with six arms, and requires 15 hp to pull. Models RT-417 and RT-417H feature four rotors, each with six arms, have a working width of 17 ft. 1 in. and a transport width of 10 ft., and require a minimum of 25 hp. Suggested list price: $1,700 to $3,800. Contact Worksaver Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 100, Litchfield, IL 62056-0100, 217/324-5973.

Windrower header Get the durability and versatility needed for harvesting canola, grass seed, barley, mint and other specialty and hay crops with the new Case IH 325 Multi-Crop Special windrower header, designed for use with the Case IH 8860, 8860HP and 8870 self-propelled windrowers.

Case claims that the header features the most vertical discharge clearance in the industry for optimum crop flow, even in high-volume, fluffy crops. The company also claims that a hydraulic header-tilt feature on the 8860 enables the header to quickly adjust to any downed crop, pick it up and cut it cleanly. Other features include a tough pickup reel with heavy-duty reel bats, hardware and a hydraulic reel drive for power and durability; a durable, dual-sickle swaybar knife drive system designed for cutting tough green forage and small grains; and an advanced twin auger that uses a hydraulic motor to power each of four stub augers. Available in 15- and 18-ft. widths. Suggested list price: $17,550 for the 15-ft. model to $18,652 for the 18-ft. model. Contact Case IH, Dept. FIN, 700 State St., Racine WI 53404, 262/636-6011.

Bale stabbers and grabbers Safely handle up to three square bales at once by equipping your loader with MDS Manufacturing's new 4-Tine Bale Stabbers with bulkhead extension. The tapered tines are made of forged steel and are available in various lengths and a lift capacity of 6,000 lbs. Other features include a high-tensile tubular steel frame, anti-rollover spears and excellent see-through visibility, according to the company. Choose between a standard manual unit and hydraulic push-off models to suit your operation. Suggested list price: starts at $910.

Also new from MDS is the Sur-Grip Bale Grabber, designed to grasp bales gently but firmly while eliminating punctures to the plastic wrap. It can handle bales with diameters of 4 to 6 ft. from any direction - side or end - and has a lift capacity of 2,200 lbs. Recommended for use on wide front-end tractors only. Suggested list price: starts at $1,295. Contact MDS Mfg., Dept. FIN, 1301 S. South Dakota Hwy. 37, Parkston, SD 57366, 800/658-4703.

Mower conditioners Pick up, cut, condition and windrow down and tangled hay for quick drying with the new 2000 Series M-C Rotary Scythe Flail Mower-Conditioner. It is billed as a dependable, affordable machine to help producers make premium-quality hay. Features include quick-change knife hangers for easy maintenance, a driveline with constant velocity PTO, an over-running clutch for machine and tractor driveline protection, and a hydraulically controlled tongue for field-to-transport position. Suggested list price: starts at $10,800. Contact Mathews Co., Dept. FIN, Box 70, Crystal Lake, IL 60039, 815/459-2210.

The new John Deere 6 Series Rotary Mower Conditioners (MoCo's) offer improvements in cutting speed, quality, serviceability and overall cutterbar strength. Made up of five models (916, 926, 936, 946 and 956), they range in cutting width from 8 ft. 2 in. to 14 ft. 6 in. Key features include a new low-profile, nodular-iron cutterbar, which gives increased strength and impact resistance while allowing cutting as low as .63 in. to the ground; crop accelerators on the end discs to help speed plants to the conditioning area; and a combination sight glass/drain plug located on the ends of the cutterbar to make it easier to check oil. Choose from among three conditioning options - urethane rolls, steel rolls or the impeller design - depending on the model. Suggested list price: $15,701 to $31,575. Contact John Deere North American Agricultural Marketing Center, Dept. FIN, 11145 Thompson Ave., Lenexa, KS 66219.

Balers This round baler is one of eight models in John Deere's new 7 Series Round Balers designed for every size of operation. These balers can produce bales from 4 ft. wide and up to 6 ft. tall and weighing from 750 to 2,200 lbs., depending on the model. Two of the models are designed for silage: 457 Silage Special and 467 Silage Special.

Available as an option on all models is the MegaWide pickup, which features up to 120 aggressive teeth and an exclusive new rotor-feeding mechanism that feeds crop smoothly and evenly and allows the baler to take in a greater volume while reaching as wide as 87 in. A new process called John Deere CoverEdge net wrap protects the round bales better than old-style surface wrap, the company claims, by increasing the surface area covered by more than 15%. Suggested list price: $14,800 to $26,000. CoverEdge net-wrap option is $4,500, and the MegaWide pickup option is $2,490. Contact John Deere at the address given at left.

Grain carts and weigh carts Parker Industries' new 514 Series II grain cart with 500-bu. capacity and its 614 Series II with 600-bu. capacity are heavier duty and more reliable versions of the 514 and 614 models they replace to meet the needs of the custom applicator. The 14-in. auger ensures fast unloading and has a male to female auger tube connection supported by 1/4-in. plates for increased strength. The whole unit has been repositioned to reduce tractor tongue weight. Other changes include a one-piece belting material boot with seam and bolts on top, expandable D.O.T. lighting and spring-loaded upper auger bearing that ensures quick engagement with the lower section. Suggested list price: $15,500 to $17,400.

Also new from Parker is this 1555 weigh cart designed to do double duty: Use it in the fall to test yields and in the spring to deliver bulk seed with new features such as flow control for adjusting auger speed and an electric-over-hydraulic pendant control that allows for one-person operation while augering seed into an auger wagon or planter. The new model is more user-friendly than the 1550 it replaces with such features as a repositioned ladder that makes it easier to inspect inside the box. Suggested list price: $10,500. Contact Parker Industries, Dept. FIN, 900 E. Hwy. 30, Jefferson, IA 50129-1218, 800/526-3492.

Grain vac Transfer up to 4,500 bu. of grain/hr. from bin to truck with the new Grain Vac 4500EX, built for large-acreage farmers and custom haulers. This redesigned model replaces the 4000 and incorporates many of the changes farmers were asking for, including thicker flighting and tubing, adjustable wheel tracks, quick hitches and adjustable vent slides on the hood for lighter grain crops. Requires 70 hp to operate. Suggested list price: $11,861. Contact Brandt Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 317, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P 3A1, 306/525-1314.

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