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New from the Sunbelt Ag Expo

We headed south in late October to search out new products among the 1,177 exhibits at the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition in Moultrie, Georgia. Sunny weather welcomed a record 210,000 people during the show's three day run.

Drive a Lamborghini It may have the same name as a famous sports car, but its price is different. U.S. producers may purchase a tractor sporting the name Lamborghini for $13,000 to $19,000, considerably less than the price of the car. The Lamborghini company previously manufactured cars and tractors until both divisions were sold to separate companies. Today, the Lamborghini tractor line is made by Same Deutz-Fahr in Italy.

The new Lamborghini tractor line includes the Runner 450 (shown) with 42 hp as well as a 250 model with 25 hp and a 350 model with 35 hp. The compact tractors are designed for general-purpose farm work and smaller acreages. All are 4-wd and equipped with Mitsubishi engines. Air-conditioned cabs are available for the 350 and 450 models. Contact Same Deutz-Fahr North America Inc., Dept. FIN, 6911 Breen St., Bldg. B, Houston, TX 77086, 281/448-3310.

Compact utility tractors A compact tractor line manufactured in South Korea made its first U.S. appearance at the Sunbelt show with two models. The Branson F3550 has a 35-hp Mitsubishi engine and retails for $15,840. The larger model, a Branson F4350, with a 43-hp Yanmar engine, lists for $17,558. Both models are water-cooled diesels with 4-wd and 12-speed shuttle transmission, which is handy when operating a front-end loader. The small tractors come equipped with a PTO. Contact Dragon Tractor Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 6, Trion, GA 30753, 706/734-2022.

Italian tractor Farmers needing a small tractor for tight quarters will be interested in the second generation of Frutteto tractors, a claimed high-quality line made in Italy by Same Deutz-Fahr. The Frutteto line includes an 85-hp tractor (shown), with 60- and 75-hp models also available. The versatile Frutteto 85 comes equipped with a front PTO and 3-pt. hitch. Buyers may opt for reverse drive, too, with a seat that turns around to face the rear.

The tractor is 4-wd and features a quick hitch, which uses a hook instead of a ball on the tractor for attaching implements. It is equipped with the sophisticated electronics found on larger tractors, including preset engine speeds. Price: $45,000. Contact Same Deutz-Fahr North America Inc., Dept. FIN, 6911 Breen St., Bldg. B, Houston, TX 77086, 281/448-3310.

Erosion-control seeder A new grass seeder will make banks and ditches fill in with grass and wildflowers. The Hydra Seeder from Newton Crouch mixes grass and wildflower seed, mulch and fertilizer in the water and sprays it where erosion control is needed. The sprayer contains a clod buster to keep the seed and materials in suspension. It features a 4-in., cast-iron Monarch pump and cast-iron impeller along with a 16-hp Kohler gas engine with electric start. The 1,000-gal. sprayer sits on a 6-in. channel frame with 7,000-lb. dual axles with brakes. Price: $12,500. The sprayer also is available in 500 gal. Contact Newton Crouch, Dept. FIN, 890 E. Solomon St., Griffin, GA 30224, 800/241-1350.

Power from India If you're thinking about buying a small, used tractor, consider buying a new Farm Trac 45 model from India instead. The Farm Trac 45 with a 42-hp engine and a 37-hp PTO is geared to livestock production or work by weekend farmers. It is a smaller alternative to the Farm Trac 60 model introduced earlier.

According to the distributor, Long Agribusiness, the small tractor is fuel-efficient. Price: $13,506. Contact Long Agribusiness, Dept. FIN, Box 1139, Tarboro, NC 27886, 252/823-4151.

Better disking A new disc called the Serriator can eliminate an extra pass in the field next spring. Shown below on the Athens 116 plow, the Serriator goes on any disc frame. Its pat-ented square design chops the stalks and mixes the dirt vertically, allowing faster time through the field. Designer Douglas Bruce, Osmundson Manufacturing Company, says that, after disking in the fall with the Serriators, a farmer can plant directly into the soil in the spring without additional tilling. He claims that the discs may be used on wetter or drier soils than standard discs can handle.

The Serriator is available in 16- to 32-in. sizes and 1/8- to 3/8-in. thicknesses. Prices usually run 25% higher than those for standard discs, but Bruce claims that the discs pay off with less field time and a better tilling job. Contact Athens Plow Co., Dept. FIN, Box 609, Athens, TN 37371, 800/535-3852.

ATV sunscreen The new Conestoga Canopy will help keep ATV riders in the shade and out of the rain. The unique canopy easily attaches with steel brackets to the front and rear racks of ATVs. Removable clips allow the canopy to be removed in 10 sec. The canopy withstands speeds up to 70 mph without wind damage, according to the designer. The canopy material is a thick canvas with a black military rubberized coating. A crisscross ripstop material also is available. Price: $125. Contact Lumpkin's Lab, Dept. FIN, 216 Sumner/Shingler Rd., Poulan, GA 31781, 912/776-5392.

Made in Japan If you're tired of waiting for a custom operator to mow your small hay field, consider the Star MDM 1000 single-drum mower. This mower, made in Japan, lists for only $3,900 and requires no tractor hydraulics. It needs only a 15-hp tractor to operate. The mower cuts a 39-in swath. Contact Agriquip Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 250, Lindale, GA 30147, 706/234-0454.

Hay conditioning Too-wet hay may never be a problem again with the new HR 675-DH rotary tedder from Krone Niemeyer. The new tedder efficiently picks up a cut forage crop and spreads it out like a mat for fast drying. This allows quicker harvesting of the crop, thus preserving more nutrients.

The rotary tedder spans 22 ft. with its six rotors, each with six tines. The tines are angled for maximum throw of the crop. The structural strength of the tedder is greater than that of the manufacturer's previous models. And the tedder hydraulically folds for transport and operator convenience. List price: $10,725. A larger model, the HR 785, comes with the same features but covers 253/4 ft. and sells for $13,295. Contact Krone Niemeyer, Dept. FIN, Box 1896, Memphis, AR 72303, 870/732-4270.

Like a golf course The new mower from Peripheral Mowers makes farmstead fields look like a golf course. The model PM78 features a new patented blade that mulches grass and leaves and then spreads the mulch evenly on the ground with a smooth look. The mower uses an 8-in. peripheral mower blade and has the ability to mow within 1/4 in. of the ground. According to the manufacturer, the unique blade design results in less wear and a longer life for the blades. The mower is available in widths of 5 to 8 ft. A model with a 7-ft. cutting width lists around $3,500. Contact Peripheral Mowers Inc., Dept. FIN, 301 Wesley Chapel Rd., Moultrie, GA 31768, 912/324-2290.

Major mowing Serious hay or forage producers can mow 200 to 300 acres/day with the new Big M mower from Krone Niemeyer. The Big M is a 30-ft., self-propelled, disk mower-conditioner. It is capable of mowing and conditioning any hay or forage at 25 acres/hr. Not only is it fast in the field, it is fast for transport with a road speed of 24 mph.

Manufactured in Germany, the mower features all-wheel, hydrostatic drive and a 300-hp engine. The cutting heads are independent and may be set to 10, 20 or 30 ft. Price: $219,000. Contact Krone Niemeyer, Dept. FIN, Box 1896, West Memphis, AR 72303, 870/732-4270.

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