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New from Sunbelt Ag Expo

Separating manure A nursery for calves, an air-cushioned ride for grain, and tractors from Italy, India and China - we're bringing it all to you from the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition in Moultrie, GA.

A manure separator for both hog and dairy operations manufactured in Taiwan is now available in the United States.

The T-R Separator has been used on hog manure for 20 years. A couple of years ago the manufacturer opened an office in Canada, and now distributors sell the separator in the United States.

The separator is 24 ft. long, 2 ft. wide and 2 ft. deep. Part of the separation process relies on the formation of a biological membrane on the surface of the separation screen. A flexible rubber paddle rubs over the screen, forcing out liquids, which are then drained and filtered. The final step includes squeezing to remove more liquids. Contact Blossom Agritec Ltd., Dept. FIN, 2584 James St., Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada V2T 3L5, 604/852-1688.

Utility vehicle rollbar (c)

Add a safety precaution to your John Deere Gator, when you install a rollbar to protect yourself in case of a rollover.

FEMCO now makes a rollbar that fits the utility vehicle. You also may purchase a canopy that works with the rollbar and a windshield, which is sold with or without the rollbar.

Prices: rollbar, about $733; canopy, $213; and windshield, $205. Contact FEMCO Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 1186, McPherson, KS 67460, 316/241-3513.

Sprayer redesign

The popular RoGator chemical sprayer, manufactured by Ag-Chem Equipment Company, has been redesigned into four new models: the 554 with a 500-gal. tank, the 854 with an 800-gal. tank, the 1054 with a 1,000-gal. tank and their biggest model, the 1254, with a 1,200-gal. tank.

A frame-mounted exhaust system reduces noise and vibration on the 854 and larger models. All models boast an air-ride, patent-pending suspension that the manufacturer calls the best ride in the industry. The cab on the two largest models is redesigned for improved visibility and ergonomics. Contact Ag-Chem Equipment Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, 5720 Smetana Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55343, 612/933-9006.

Irrigator for small fields

Growers who need an irrigation system to handle alternative crops or small fields between 5 and 75 acres will find what they need with the Hydrus micro pivot.

Span lengths for the pivot system run in 10-ft. increments up to 120 ft. The smaller pivot is cheaper to purchase and operate than a conventional center pivot system. It runs on a 1/8-hp motor and is lighter than a conventional pivot with up to 33% less tower weight and 66% less tire compression per square inch. Sprin-kler outlets are spaced 5 ft. apart, and drops are available in 3-ft., 5-ft. and custom lengths. Contact Div. of Irrigation Components International, Dept. FIN, Box 1063, Mobile, AL 36633, 334/432-5085.

Industrial painting (c)

If you need to paint any spreaders, tanks or ornamental iron, try out the new Megastar fast dry enamel by Omega Coating Corporation. The enamel is designed for heavy industrial uses requiring a quick-dry, durable finish. Omega reports it will work for automotive and truck refinishing and on iron, cabinets, industrial equipment, transformers, bulk spreaders and tanks.

The Megastar paint may be used with a urethane to decrease drying time and increase the hardness and chemical resistance. Megastar comes in white and is sold in drums, 1- and 5-gal. containers and aerosol cans. Contact Omega Coating Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 1318, Eldorado, KS 67042, 888/386-6342.

Rotary cutter floats

A new 5-ft. Hawk rotary cutter is available from J Bar Corporation. The cutter features four wheels and a floating hitch to help it float over rough terrain and avoid scalping. Four blades do the cutting instead of the standard two blades to give a smoother cut. Contact J Bar Corp., Dept. FIN, Hwy. 27 N, Trion, GA 30753, 706/734-3449.

Low-cost loader

If you need to move some hay or silage bales and don't want to tie up a tractor with a front-end loader, the Hydra Frame will solve the problem. At a cost of $1,495, the frame becomes an inexpensive loader. The price includes the frame, super-penetrating spear and two small bale stabilizing spears.

The Hydra Frame, manufactured by M&H Metal Works, will self-level with one set of tractor remotes. The company manufactures the frame with 2-x4-in. tubing and 1/4-in.-thick walls. It withstands loads up to 4,500 lbs.

Farmers may purchase other attachments for the frame, including a boom, forks and silage head. All are interchangeable. Plus, the silage head will transport and load plastic-wrapped bales without puncturing the wrap. Contact M&H Metal Works, Dept. FIN, 341 W. Weeks St., Norman Park, GA 31771, 912/769-5100.

Tasty bales

Those old, past-season bales can become palatable again with the HayMaker system. The unit injects round bales with a liquid nutritional supplement while transporting them. The supplement provides necessary nutrients and makes the hay appealing to cattle.

Just one operator can attach the HayMaker to a tractor. The system includes a 50-gal. tank for the supplement, which will treat 12 large bales. After the tractor picks up a bale, the supplement is injected into it. A 500-lb. bale can be treated in about 25 sec., according to the company.

A molasses-based supplement also is available for the system. It replaces lost protein, vitamins and minerals and renews the hay's aroma and taste. You can also have your own formula created to meet your herd's specific needs.The basic system costs about $2,250. Contact HayMaker Nutrition Injection Systems, LLC, Dept. FIN, 12 Hefner Dr., East Ellijay, GA 30539, 706/276-2603.

Easy mower hookup

The Hay Caddy takes the hassle out of hooking up a rotary disc mower to a tractor. The caddy attaches to most popular brands of rotary disc mowers. >From then on, the caddy can be hooked up with a pin to the tractor drawbar. The caddy has two wheels and a PTO shaft extension. Cost for the unit is about $2,200. Contact Kelley Manufacturing Co., Dept. FIN, Drawer 1467, Tifton, GA 31793, 912/382-9393.

Deep tillage

A new line of no-till equipment is being manufactured by Harrell Company. The conservation deep tillage tool can be adapted to a wide variety of crops, from corn to cotton, with one of several attachments. The tillage tool features a 1/4-in., high-strength alloy steel shank with lifter wings and leading coulter. The lifter wings raise the soil just below the compaction layer to fracture and aerate the soil. Various tools may be mounted behind the ripper on the tillage tool. Contact Harrell Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 289, Pelham, GA 31779, 800/332-8232.

New plate planter

A redesign of the rotary plate seed planter for better accuracy is now available from Argentina. U.S. farmers may purchase the 3-pt. precision planter as an alternative to more expensive pneumatic planters.

Agrometal, a major equipment manufacturer in Argentina, modified its planters to provide very accurate planting. Different plates allow the planter to be used for corn, soybeans, cotton or peanuts. Box capacity is 2 bu. A six-row, 3-pt. hitch planter with no options starts at about $11,000. Contact Agrometal, Dept. FIN, Pablo Pittaluga, 516 Lakeview Dr., Cedar Town, GA 30125, 770/748-2527.

Cushioned air grain (c)

A grain-handling system that offers a cushioned ride for grain is available from Kongskilde. The system features a unique electronic air regulator design that monitors and controls the amount of air and grain in the pipeline. This ensures consistent air flow, gentle entry to the air stream and a smooth transfer. The air-flow system involves only two moving parts. Servicing is normally at ground level.

The unit's rotary valve has flexible rubber paddles that give instead of break. The paddles are adjustable and easily replaced at a low cost. The system works with new and existing grain drying and storage facilities. System models range in capacity from 53 to 2,106 bu. Contact Kongskilde, Dept. FIN, 231 Thames Rd. E., Exeter, Ontario, Canada N0M 1S3, 519/235-0840.

Cozy calves (c)

A one-piece, plastic calf nursery is chock full of features to help dairy farmers raise their calves. The nursery includes integrated bottle holders, a manger with removable pails and a large interior for longer growth periods. Dimensions of the nursery are 62 in. wide x 96 in. long x 55 in. high. A top and rear ventilation system provides optimum climate control. Adjustable vent caps keep the nursery rainproof. Contact Agri-Plastics, Dept. FIN, 7793 Young St., Grassie, Ontario, Canada L0R 1M0, 905/945-3116.

Low-profile tractor

Farmers seeking a low-profile, stable tractor can try out the new Ergit series of tractors from the Italian manufacturer Antonio Carraro.

The TC- and TF-series tractors measure under 6 ft. tall, making them ideal for spraying applications. Low profiles make the tractors very stable in steep hill situations. The series of tractors delivers from 48 to 82 hp.

The unusual tractor design incorporates all smooth body work with no corners, as well as easy access, and space and protection for the driver.

Six different models are included in the Ergit series. Prices start at $19,000. Contact Antonio Carraro, Dept. FIN, Box 39143, Denver, CO 80239, 303/375-0638, visit the company's Web site at

Inexpensive horsepower

A tractor made in India provides 39 hp for a sticker price of $9,840. The tractor, a Eicher 364 N.C., is being distributed in the United States by Belarus. E. W. Muelhausen, service representative with Belarus, reports that the tractor is designed specifically for farm utility work. Contact Belarus, Dept. FIN, 7075 W. Parkland Ct., Milwaukee, WS 53223, 414/355-2000.

Oiling cows

The Easy Way brush oiler will take care of your cows' insecticide needs. The oiler combines a cattle oiler brush with a curtain inside the brush to spread the insecticide evenly over the entire brush. Cows rub the oiler, which helps them keep groomed and controls flies, lice, ticks and other external parasites.The oiler can be mounted on a post, tree or an Easy Way mineral feeder and Face Fly Fighter. An optional stand is also available.

The brush oiler with a mount sells for $329.50. The stand sells for $159.50. Contact Easy Way Cattle Care, Dept. FIN, Box 325, Decorah, IA 52101, 319/387-0932.

Double-compartment tank

Crown introduces a new tank designed with two separate compartments to give growers the ability to carry large quantities of two different chemicals out to the field at the same time.

The 3250H double-compartment tank consists of two 1,625-gal., heavy-duty, polyethylene compartments. Each compartment slopes to its own sump for drainage. At the end of the sumps are molded-in, 3-in. drain fittings. Each compartment has a 24-in. hinged transport lid. An agitator may be installed on both compartments. The tank comes complete with a transport skid and assembly hoops.

According to the maker, cost of the tank is less than the cost of a comparable stainless steel tank. Contact Crown, Div. of Snyder Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 577, Marked Tree, AR 72365, 870/358-3400.

Made in China

If you're looking for an inexpensive utility tractor, the Tyger 180 may fit the bill. Retailing at $4,995, it's claimed to be one of the least expensive tractors available in the United States.

According to U.S. distributor Masters Farm Supply, the 18-hp Tyger is a fuel-efficient, easy-starting diesel tractor. Contact Masters Farm Supply, Dept. FIN, Rt. 3, Box 392, Hwy. 73, Altha, FL 32421, 850/762-3221.

Tractors from India (c)

Two new models of a utility tractor made by Mahindra in India are now available in the United States. The 4505 model offers 43 hp with 341/2-hp PTO. The 5005 model delivers 50 hp with 42-hp PTO. The two tractors feature a four-stroke, direct-injection, water-cooled diesel engine and range in price from $12,500 to $13,500. Contact Mahindra USA Inc., Dept. FIN, 17723 FM 2920, Tomball, TX 77375, 281/351-9686.

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