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Corn+Soybean Digest

New Seed-Applied Nutritional Product Introduced

A unique new seed treatment that coats seed corn with zinc is available for the 2007 growing season from Agriliance. AgriSolutions Advanced Coating Zn is the first successful seed treatment to add zinc to seed corn for early-season plant vigor and growth, and for extra bushels at harvest.

The new seed treatment, which is labeled for use on seed, field, popcorn and sweet corn seed, also improves seed plantability. The zinc formulation provides a consistent coating that reduces dust-off from other seed treatments for less dust in the bag. This also reduces dust build-up in the planter. Advanced Coating Zn is labeled for use at a rate of 4-8 oz./100 lbs. of seed.

“Advanced Coating Zn represents a new category of seed treatments,” says Nathan Wright, seed treatment and grain protectants business manager for Agriliance. “By adding zinc directly to the seed, the micronutrient will be positioned to deliver maximum benefits to the corn crop. And besides the nutrient benefits, the new seed coating improves seed flowability in the planter for more accurate seed placement.”

Tests with Advanced Coating Zn during 2005 showed promising results, with up to a 10-bu./acre yield advantage over untreated corn seed. Hundreds of additional tests are being conducted in 2006 across the country for additional performance data. Early 2006 results have shown strong emergence and improved stands in a high percentage of test locations.

Advanced Coating Zn will be marketed to seed companies for in-plant application with other popular seed treatments and to dealers with bulk seed corn capabilities. A complete line of Advanced Coating seed-applied nutritional products is under development for multiple crops.
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