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New planter features may boost yields

John Deere announced it is offering its new 90 Series seed boot and other new products for improved improve seed placement and higher planting performance in its planting equipment.

Built as a one-piece boot, the John Deere 90 Series seed boot has a smoother design for more accurate seed placement and reduces ridges, which can cause seed damage. The internal cavity is longer and narrower, reducing seed bounce and improving seed placement.

An improved spring pressure holds the seed boot to the blade reducing possible trash build-up. The John Deere 90 Series seed boot openers can be used to upgrade any 60 Series seed boot openers.

The company also announced it will offer John Deere 90 Series chrome-alloy extended-wear seed boots for drills and air seeders.

Designed for high-wear and high-acre applications, the new chrome-alloy seed boots provide long-lasting durability and added value by increasing the number of acres that can be seeded before replacement, therefore reducing downtime during the busy seeding season.

John Deere chrome alloy extended-wear seed boots are available for the following John Deere equipment:

  • 1690 Soybean Special
  • 1890 and 1895 No-Till Air Drills
  • 1690 CCS and 1890 CCS Air Drills
  • 1860 Air Drills
  • 1560 and 1590 Drills
Another new feature aimed at enhancing seed accuracy and planting efficiency is a new, improved John Deere finger pick-up meter assembly for planters.

The new design of the John Deere finger and finger pick-up assembly improves singulation and population control. It can handle a wide variety of seed sizes and shapes more accurately and improves accuracy and efficiency of seed placement.

Results from a recent study indicate the new John Deere finger pick-up meter handles a wide variety of seed sizes and shapes more accurately than other styles of finger-pickup meter.

John Deere is the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural and forestry equipment; a leading supplier of equipment used in lawn, grounds and turf care; and a major manufacturer of construction equipment. Additionally, John Deere manufactures engines used in heavy equipment and provides financial services and other related activities that support the core businesses. Since it was first founded in 1837, the company has established a heritage of quality products and services, providing performance that endures to customers worldwide.


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