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New option for Poncho products

The Poncho insecticide family just got its newest member: Poncho 500 seed-applied insecticide. Bayer CropScience announced the new rate addition at its recent Seed Treatment Innovation Meeting in San Diego.

“Poncho 500 offers corn growers improved control of wireworm, black cutworm and other insects. Improved insect control contributes to higher yields, as compared to Poncho 250,” says Kerry Grossweiler, Bayer CropScience marketing product manager — seed treatments.

“With the higher cost of seed, it pays to invest in a seed treatment,” Grossweiler says. “With Poncho 500, you'll see an excellent return on your investment with top-notch protection and higher yields.”

With more Poncho 500 active ingredient applied to the seed corn, growers improve protection against various insects. “With Poncho 500, adding more active ingredient only makes the control better,” Grossweiler explains. “The need to protect seed corn investments is as important as ever to growers, so making the decision to use Poncho 500 is an easy one.”

Poncho 500 research results confirm favorable returns, as well. “With $4 corn, growers who use Poncho 500 can see an average 10 bushel-per-acre increase in their yields over the fungicide control, and that's money in their pockets,” Grossweiler says.

For additional information on research or yield data for Poncho 500, corn growers can contact a local Bayer CropScience representative or call (866) 992-2937. Growers can also find more information on

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