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New from the Ohio Farm Science Review

"With the number of people in fields harvesting and with the drought conditions we've experienced here in Ohio, we expected attendance to be off significantly, but it wasn't," says Craig Fendrick, manager of Ohio State University's Farm Science Review. Attendance at this year's show in London, OH, was the third highest in the show's 37-year history, with 140,460 tickets sold.

The show's 585 exhibitors were displaying everything from combines to shoe polish. The hottest sellers? Items costing less than $30,000, such as tractors under 100 hp. "But even exhibitors of the big-ticket items said they had enough folks who were interested to make it worthwhile for them to be there," Fendrick says.

Here's a look at some of the new products unveiled at this year's show.

Front-mount injector

Instead of mounting this toolbar behind the tank, Clymer/Clark put it in front to give you better visibility of your liquid nitrogen applications. The new RCF 1000 front-mounted coulter injection applicator is available with up to 17 coul-ters and a bigger tank to cover more acres. Three tank sizes are available: 750, 1,000 or 1,600 gal. The tank bottom is contoured and fully drainable to prevent algae from growing on the bottom. Suggested list price: around $17,000. Contact Clymer/ Clark Inc., Dept. FIN, 407 E. Washington St., Box 266, Pandora, OH 45877-0266, 419/384-3211.

Articulated loader

This German-made, articulated loader used in mills and foundries and for construction and landscape for years is now making its debut in agriculture. "It's the most popular thing on this lot. We are already running out of literature," says Jack Furay, Furay Distributing Company, after only the first day of the show. "Dairy farmers want it to move silage, hay and manure."

The Coyote uses half the fuel of a regular front-end tractor loader, offers more capacity than a skid steer, yet is safer and longer-lasting and requires less maintenance, Furay says. It features a Deutz, air-cooled engine. Everything in the front end is within reaching distance so parts are easy to work on. It even comes with a tool set. The 38-hp loader shown here is one of 16 models in the series. Prices range from $25,000 to $70,000. Contact Furay Distributing Co., Dept. FIN, Box 88, Lewis Center, OH 43035, 740/548-4689.

Place starter right

J.S. Ag Innovations says that its new liquid fertilizer placement disc for Case IH planters (800 series or newer) gives the yield benefits of starter fertilizer without the effects of germination burn. The blade places liquid fertilizer 1 in. off to the side of the seed trench and just below the seed. "The farmer who tested it had a 4- to 5-bushel yield increase," says company representative Jeff Schultz. "He put part of the fertilizer on at planting and side-dressed later." One bolt connects the disc to the existing factory cast bracket on the planter. Suggested list price: $35 to $40/kit, which includes 9-in. blade assembly and metal application tube. Contact J.S. Ag Innovations Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 125C, Ewing, MO 63440, 800/400-2610.

Fast fill seed

Fill a planter with seed in only 15 min. without having to move a wagon around with this new central-fill auger system designed for Kinze planter models 2600 or 3600. It fills up to 24 seed boxes at once. "Otherwise you would have to fill each box individually with bags or a wagon auger," says Kasco president Phil Kaster. The system bolts on to your planter. An auger run by hydraulics fills the main line. Holes are cut on the hopper lids for the grain to drop in. Suggested list price: $5,500 for complete unit with hydraulics. Contact Kasco, Dept. FIN, 170 W. 600 N., Shelbyville, IN 46176, 317/398-4636.

Bend steel cold

This new cold bender uses the down force from your 20-ton shop press to bend up to 1/2-in.-thick steel for any repairs that require a bent piece of metal. "Otherwise you would have to heat the steel with a torch and bend it with a sledge hammer," says Gene Shoup. "But the bend is not as accurate as what you get with this." Suggested list price: $225. Contact Shoup Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, 145 S. West Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901, 800/627-6137.

Chop stalks fast

Finely chop corn stalks and bean, wheat and sunflower stubble to leave an even residue on top of your conservation tillage acres with this new stalk chopper by Hawkins Manufacturing. It features a five-blade reel front and six blades in back to ensure the proper blade overlap for good chopping.

"You can cover a lot of acres fast," says company representative Neil Junckin, who says you can drive 10 mph or faster with this design. The 8-row, 30-in. model featured here requires a 3,640-lb. tractor. A double-welded, 7 x 7-in. frame provides for added strength. Choose between a straight cut or angle cut for more aggressive chopping. Suggested list price: $8,275. Contact Hawkins Mfg. Inc., Dept FIN, 2120 E. 4th Ave., Holdrege, NE 68949, 308/995-4446.

Longer-wearing seed tube protector

RK Products designed a new seed tube protector to keep planter opener discs from squeezing in on the seed tubes of current John Deere and Kinze planters. It features a floating graphite block nestled in a steel holder bracket that is mounted to the shank assembly. The graphite lasts twice as long as a planter's original protector, according to the company. Price: around $15. Contact RK Products, Dept. FIN, 3802 Jean St., East Moline, IL 61244, 800/580-6818.

Norwegian chopper

This new multipurpose, self-loading Kverneland KD 832 bale chopper can chop, spread and feed both dry and high-moisture haylage. "Most others aren't self-loading and they can process one or the other very well, but at a very expensive price," says company representative Mark Neely. "This one does it all." The chopper handles both round bales up to 4 x 5 ft. and large or small square bales. It is equipped with a fan that can blow straw up to 59 ft. for bedding. You can control all these functions from the seat of your tractor. Suggested list price: approximately $14,000. Contact Norcan Farm Equipment, Dept. FIN, Box 2409, Youngstown, OH 44509, 800/233-0815.

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