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New mix for pop-ups

FMC Corporation has developed a new formulation of its Capture insecticide for corn that has better mixing properties than emulsifiable concentrates (EC) have when mixed with liquid fertilizers.

New Capture LFR, which stands for "liquid fertilizer ready," is formulated to be more stable in the spray tank than other liquid at-plant insecticides to reduce mixing and application problems. "Other products claim they can mix with liquid fertilizer but require agitation to stay suspended," says Bob Hooten, technical support manager for FMC. "Capture LFR stays mixed to ensure each seed is treated with the same rate."

The product provides control of seed and seedling pests such as wireworm, cutworm, grubs, armyworm, seed-corn maggot, common stalk borer and corn rootworm.

FMC developed Capture LFR in response to the growing use of liquid pop-up fertilizer. "We see a 10% increase per year in the use of pop-up fertilizers," says Aaron Locker, Capture LFR product manager for FMC. He says the increase is driven by the rising cost of fertilizer and stricter environmental regulations.

"In the old days, growers would use 400 to 500 lbs. of dry fertilizer," he says. "Today there is pressure to move toward more targeted fertilizer applications." Pop-up fertilizer can be applied at a lower rate because it is directed right in the seed furrow to promote faster growth.

Locker says liquid insecticide formulations are more convenient to use than granular insecticides and do not have the yield drag of insecticide-resistant seed. They also are more effective than seed treatments, he adds, because in order for them to work, the insect must ingest some of the seed.

Locker believes that, as more growers move toward the use of liquid fertilizers at planting, EC insecticide formulations will eventually be replaced by LFR formulations. "Capture LFR offers the same efficacy rating of Capture EC but provides better compatibility with liquid fertilizers," he says.

The product received EPA registration in February and is available for spring planting this year.

FMC plans to introduce LFR formulations for crops other than corn next year. The suggested list price is $12 to $14/acre at the corn rootworm rate and $5 to $7/acre at the rate for seedling pests. For more information, contact FMC Corp., Agricultural Products Group, Dept. FIN, 1735 Market St., Philadelphia PA, 19103, 215/299-6302, visit

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