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New Mister Mist’r technology

Agri-Inject, Inc., now offers Mister Mist’r Ultra, a new generation of their injection check valve for injection systems. Mister Mist’r Ultra combines the best features of the original, plus incorporates new technology and material for even better performance.

“Mister Mist’r Ultra will be trouble-free,” said Gary Newton, president of Agri-Inject and designer of both the original and upgraded Mister Mist’r. “The new design is molded out of polyvinylidene fluoride, one of the toughest, most stable materials available.”

The new material is resistant to acid, solvents and chlorine and will last longer. The redesigned valve not only prevents backflow, but also prevents clogging from residue, which is especially important for growers injecting into water pumped from a lake or stream.

The key to effective injection is complete mixing of the product being injected with the water flowing through the irrigation system. The Mister Mist’r Ultra delivers the same atomization as the original, using a four-way spray that results in even distribution through the entire irrigation or water system.

“Growers get efficient, uniform distribution of the product,” Newton said, who also farms about 5,000 acres of irrigated row crops in Colorado with his three sons. “And the new design can handle volumes of up to 100 gallons per hour — 40 percent higher volume than the original. We can get more done in less time, which is a significant value.”

For more information about the new Mister Mist’r Ultra, visit or call (970) 848-5336 or email

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